Human writers writing about robot writing.

Wordsmith + TIBCO Partner to Bring Narrative Explanations to Spotfire Dashboards

Wordsmith brings instant, written explanations to TIBCO Spotfire® dashboards to explain and add context to complex datasets.

Automated Insights and AP Increase Trading of Forgotten Firms

A recent study shows that Automated Insights' technology partnership with the Associated Press has influenced capital markets.

Natural Language Generation 101

Natural Language Generation (NLG) is a relatively new term, but adoption of the technology in data-driven businesses is growing rapidly. But what is it? We've put together a brief overview to help explain the basics.

Live Tracker: Automated Robot Writers Stealing Jobs From Human Writers

A live tracker that updates in real-time to show the number of jobs automated robot writers are stealing from human writers.

Wordsmith Takes First Place in Tableau Conference Hackathon

We built a Tableau viz that put Wordsmith's NLG to work with the Amazon Echo, providing real-time narration of election results for the Tableau Conference Hackathon.

Connect Wordsmith to 500+ Apps with Zapier

Get data from and publish to hundreds of cloud applications like Shopify, Wordpress, and Magento. No coding necessary.

Featured Wordsmith + Zapier Integrations To Get You Started With NLG

5 Zaps that use Wordsmith's natural language generation to simplify and improve your workflow.

Tableau + Wordsmith = Visualizations Clearly Explained

Explain your Tableau visualizations with the Wordsmith natural language generation template engine.

Just How Good Can Wordsmith Content Really Be?

Wordsmith’s flexibility is the key to generating automated content that is sophisticated, individualized, clear, insightful, and valuable to each reader.

The On-Prem Natural Language Generation Solution: How Enterprise Companies Use Wordsmith Securely

The on-prem solution is designed to be straightforward for developers to implement, and the executable file works with any programming language.

Automated Content Won’t Take Your Job. It Will Make Your Job Better.

The Wordsmith natural language generation platform automates the production of high-quality content. So does it take away jobs? The answer is no.

Automating E-Commerce: Product Descriptions & Personalized Emails

Some of the most automatable types of e-commerce content are product descriptions, product category landing pages, and individualized emails.
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About Automated Insights

Automated Insights is revolutionizing the way professionals create content using data. Our patented Wordsmith platform takes a story structure and a dataset and generates up to millions of pieces of content that sound like a person wrote each one.