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MicroStrategy World 2017

We recently announced our brand new integration with the MicroStrategy Visual Insights (VI) platform, integrating written narratives, side-by-side, with visualizations inside of a dashboard.

Creating Great Automated Content

Natural language generation (NLG). It’s what we do here at Automated Insights. But what does it mean? And how do you do it well?

Facebook announces they will incorporate “Automated Insights” tool

Facebook announces that they will incorporate “Automated Insights”​ into their analytics offering. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, Facebook will deliver personalized, automated data analysis to developers.

Wordsmith + MicroStrategy Partner to Bring Real-Time Narrative Explanations to MicroStrategy Dashboards

With the addition of Wordsmith’s NLG to the MicroStrategy Platform, written narratives and visualizations are placed side-by-side within a user’s dashboard.These Wordsmith narratives, which update in real-time, can automatically enhance dashboards as a user explores a MicroStrategy visualization.

Meet Automated Insights' New CEO, Marc Zionts

Earlier this month our founder and CEO, Robbie Allen, decided to step into a new role as Executive Chairman while simultaneously pursuing a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. With the news, Automated Insights welcomes aboard a new CEO in Marc Zionts.

Artificial Intelligence Helps Newsrooms Achieve Scale, Scope, & Speed

The Associated Press has been a trusted media source for over 170 years, and what enables their continued success is their willingness to adapt and trail blaze new frontiers in journalism. One such frontier? The use of artificial intelligence in the newsroom.

Why We Have Hackathons, and Why You Should Too

Howdy, stranger; thanks for stopping by this website! Sit a spell, and I'll try to convince you why hackathons are a good thing, and your company should be doing them.

From CEO to Student

We made a big announcement today at Automated Insights. Our founder and leader for the last ten years, Robbie Allen, is moving into a new role as Executive Chairman at Automated Insights and passing the CEO title to Marc Zionts.

Connecting Your Website to Wordsmith Using Google Sheets

You’ve probably found that after awhile, content updates for sites can get painful and repetitive. Even with a great CMS, there’s some content that changes frequently that can get time-consuming to update manually.

The Python NLP Ecosystem: A Short and Very Opinionated Guide

Natural language processing (NLP) is a field in a state of flux. New applications of neural network-based methods combined with huge datasets are quickly outstripping decades of incremental progress based on hand-crafting rules and features.

Global Natural Language Generation: Wordsmith’s Multilingual Capabilities

Natural Language Generation must be possible for more languages than just English. With Wordsmith, it's already a reality. In over 25 countries, the Wordsmith NLG platform has been used to write content in more than 15 languages.

The Automated Future of Journalism

Journalists. Listen up. The robots aren’t coming for your jobs. Not now anyway, and probably not in the future if you’re any good. This is the message I’m taking to SXSW this year.I’ll be there to hammer home the point that robot writers as less of a threat and more of a tool.
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