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5 Common Indicators That Your BI Dashboards Need NLG

The datasets may change, but the problems remain the same. Here are 5 signs that indicate your business intelligence dashboards need natural language generation.

Only Automated Insights’ Wordsmith Delivers True Role-Based Reporting

Role-based reporting, in regards to natural language generation, is the ability to provide individuals with written analytics that are completely unique and relevant to their role and responsibilities.

Client Spotlight: Chicago Sport and Social Club

Chicago Sport and Social Club not only recognizes the value of automation and the resources it saves, but also one that stays focused on what’s important to its customers—having fun.​

The Ultimate Guide to Natural Language Generation

It begins with data. It produces narrative. But what is natural language generation really? Check out this guide to the what's-what of natural language generation.

Ai Went Back to Vegas as MicroStrategy World 2018 Sponsor

As a MicroStrategy World 2018 sponsor and partner, Automated Insights attended MicroStrategy's annual event in Las Vegas to show MicroStrategy users how natural language generation can add value to their visualizations.

How to make dashboards more approachable for your entire company

You open your BI dashboard visualization platform and boom—it hits you. Your eyes have a hollow look to them. Your computer mouse starts to radiate in your sweaty palm. Your heart rapidly goes thud-thud, thud-thud​.

Client Spotlight: Arterra Wines Canada

At Automated Insights, we work alongside companies that are truly pioneers of their respective industries. We’re thrilled to be able share how some these innovative organizations are using Wordsmith to evolve their daily operations.

Dispelling the Biggest Myths of Natural Language Generation

In our latest white paper, we tackle the most common questions, myths, and misconceptions infiltrating the market about natural language generation.

Client Spotlight: Vivint Smart Home

“These results are insane! By far, this is the best campaign success I’ve seen here.”

5 Signs You’re Ready for Natural Language Generation

How do you know when it’s worth investing in NLG? Check out these 5 telltale signs your business is ready for natural language generation.

Tough fantasy football season? Let NLG help.

Tough fantasy football season? NLG can help. It breaks down advice and recommendations for every team, based on the rules of each league and the pool of starter options and replacement players available.

Automated Insights Takes the Stage at AWS re:Invent 2017

See how NLG can make your Alexa responses more insightful and engaging. Adam Long, Automated Insights' VP of Product Management, details the current and future landscape of voice design at AWS re:Invent.
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