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Client Spotlight: DI Square Corp.

Here at Automated Insights, we feel fortunate to play such an integral role in some amazing organizations. To show our appreciation for these industry leaders, we’ve started a regular blog series that puts the spotlight back on them.

[Announcements] Introducing New Wordsmith Features - Data Tester, Logic Flow, and Search

Our Developers and Engineers have been working hard this summer to ensure that we’re living up to our promise of providing you with the most innovative and powerful NLG solution in the industry.

The Power of Shared Templates: Our Top 5 Use Cases

When Automated Insights introduced Shared Templates, a new way to organize and manage large or complex Templates in Wordsmith, we were immediately flooded with positive feedback. Users loved how flexible and easy Shared Templates made their workflow.

Increasing Dashboard Engagement with Wordsmith

How can you inspire your colleagues to take a meaningful look at dashboards and derive the necessary insights that arm them with the most up-to-date information? Make these dashboards understandable and meaningful through narrative.

NLG: The Secret Weapon in the War Between Financial Managers and Robo-Advisors

When the experts discuss the merits of robo-advisors over financial managers, they'll be quick to point out that the robo-advisor, a form of low-AI personal financial portfolio management, is popular with new and younger investors, and is gaining ground with lower-net-worth investors.

Scaling Data Expertise with Wordsmith

Big data is one of the fastest growing and most aggressive trends in the modern business landscape. Now in perfect harmony with big data, data visualization tools provided by MicroStrategy, Tableau, and TIBCO, amongst others, provide valuable insight into business health.

Announcing the Alexa Skills Tour: Voice Design with Amazon Alexa, Automated Insights, Twilio, and Voicehacks

Automated Insights is teaming up with Voicehacks and Amazon Alexa for the Alexa Skills Tour 2017. Registration open!

IRCE 2017

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition (IRCE) held in Chicago. IRCE brings together industry leaders from the largest ecommerce retailers around the globe. We were focused on teaching those industry leaders about Wordsmith for Ecommerce.

The State of Artificial Intelligence in 2017

​2016 was the year that speculation about the future of artificial intelligence reached a fever pitch, and in 2017 so far, the hype heatwave shows no signs of cooling.

Wordsmith Feature Use Case: How to Use Outline Mode for Compliance

We understand the vital role that compliance plays in your business. One of Wordsmith's newest features, Outline Mode, makes reviewing and navigating a complex set of narratives easier and exponentially faster.

Natural Language Generation and Ecommerce Automation

How do you get noticed if you’re selling products to a specific market, or you simply want to compete with the heavy-hitters without having a 300,000 member workforce army?

Ecommerce Pain Point: Creating New, Variable Content Is Too Expensive

Creating dynamic product descriptions and keyword-rich landing pages that update in real-time, personally engage with visitors, and rank highly in search results is an expensive endeavor.
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Automated Insights is revolutionizing the way professionals create content using data. Our patented Wordsmith platform takes a story structure and a dataset and generates up to millions of pieces of content that sound like a person wrote each one.