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Automated Insights Debuts NLG Integration at Tableau Conference

During the Tableau Conference 2017 keynote, Automated Insights unveiled a new integration allowing Tableau users the ability to integrate NLG directly within their dashboards.

Defining the Context Layer in NLG Part 1: What Just Happened?

In my last blog post, I outlined the differences between good Natural Language Generation and bad NLG. My conclusion was that all of the hard work and sweat should be going into defining the NLG context layer, the logical decision matrix that sits between the data and the words.

Designing for the Ear: Incorporating Natural Language Generation with Voice

We are just now scratching the surface of incorporating voice user interface (VUI) with natural language generation (NLG) and the future landscape is an exciting one. By utilizing NLG, platforms such as Amazon’s Alexa can now have more human-like conversations.

Natural Language Generation in Your Daily Life

Chances are good that you've read something written by NLG software—and you didn't even know it.

Getting Started with Wordsmith: Preparing Your Data for Success

After generating more than 1.5 billion pieces of content last year, Wordsmith’s prowess for generating human sounding narrative at scale is recognized around the world.

Wordsmith Wins Tableau Hackathon, Again - Q&A with the Best Hacker in the Known Universe

Wordsmith and Ai's very own, John Hegele, win another Tableau Hackathon with interactive NLG narratives. We caught up with Hegele to find out a little more about his winning project.

Good vs. Bad Automated Content? It's In the Context Layer

The difference between good automated content and bad automated content can be boiled down to the number of scenarios the programmer creates to turn ordinary data into beautiful prose.

Best of the Best: NLG-powered Trash Talk from Yahoo Fantasy Football

We believe that our NLG platform, Wordsmith, can make sense of the world’s data in a way no other technology can. One particular way NLG can make sense of it all? With trash talk.

Client Spotlight: DI Square Corp.

Here at Automated Insights, we feel fortunate to play such an integral role in some amazing organizations. To show our appreciation for these industry leaders, we’ve started a regular blog series that puts the spotlight back on them.

[Announcements] Introducing New Wordsmith Features - Data Tester, Logic Flow, and Search

Our Developers and Engineers have been working hard this summer to ensure that we’re living up to our promise of providing you with the most innovative and powerful NLG solution in the industry.

The Power of Shared Templates: Our Top 5 Use Cases

When Automated Insights introduced Shared Templates, a new way to organize and manage large or complex Templates in Wordsmith, we were immediately flooded with positive feedback. Users loved how flexible and easy Shared Templates made their workflow.

Increasing Dashboard Engagement with Wordsmith

How can you inspire your colleagues to take a meaningful look at dashboards and derive the necessary insights that arm them with the most up-to-date information? Make these dashboards understandable and meaningful through narrative.
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Automated Insights is revolutionizing the way professionals create content using data. Our patented Wordsmith platform takes a story structure and a dataset and generates up to millions of pieces of content that sound like a person wrote each one.