We take great pride in the security of our Wordsmith platform. Our API allows users to publish through Wordsmith without storing any data on the platform. Plus, we’re powered by Amazon Web Services, a solution trusted by the FDA, Nasdaq, and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Wordsmith works for industries from marketing to e-commerce to media to business intelligence – there’s no extra software to download, and articles are generated instantly.

Some users, however, require an even higher standard of security. Some data needs to stay inside a corporate firewall for legal and compliance reasons. In other cases, keeping a close hold on sensitive data may simply be a best practice. Clients in financial services, insurance, and healthcare often need to keep their their data out of the cloud and securely on their own servers.

Fortunately, Wordsmith works for every customer who needs an on-premises solution. Users log into Wordsmith and build their templates as normal. Each template is based on placeholder data, which users can either upload or create on the spot with Wordsmith’s spreadsheet-like interface.

When the Wordsmith template is ready using the placeholder data, on-prem users simply download an executable file to run on their own servers. Each customer’s data – and the executable file – stay completely inside their own firewall. Clients don’t even need to be online to generate thousands, even millions of customized articles.

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