Last week, we had the pleasure of attending the Internet Retailer Conference + Exhibition (IRCE) held in Chicago. IRCE brings together industry leaders from the largest ecommerce retailers around the globe. We were focused on teaching those industry leaders about Wordsmith for Ecommerce, the most powerful natural language generation (NLG) solution for the industry.


We met many enthusiastic people who fell in love with the technology and our Wordsmith platform. The hundreds of retailers we had the opportunity to speak with confirmed that Wordsmith offers a comprehensive solution. We had a great time learning from some of the top ecommerce players within the market and here are three reason why Wordsmith NLG can differentiate your organization within a crowded marketplace.

#1: Creating Unique Product Descriptions at Scale

There is no question that the vast majority of online retailers with a large product offering are stuck using manufacturer-provided product descriptions. If you have 50k, 100k, or 500k+ product descriptions, it is just not monetarily or physically possible to update all of those products with fresh, differentiated product descriptions as often as suggested. With Wordsmith, it doesn’t matter how large your product catalog is, we can help you achieve creating unique product descriptions at scale.

#2: Driving More Traffic with SEO-Optimized Content

Since most retailers are using the exact same manufacturer-provided product descriptions, there is not very much on-page content to help optimize search engine rankings. By automating dynamic product content with Wordsmith, you can stand apart from the competition by providing content that rises above the rest and helps achieve SEO-bliss. Wordsmith doesn’t only work for product descriptions however, you can also automate unique landing page content which is SEO-optimized, drives more traffic to your site, and leads to a higher conversion rate.

#3: Increasing Conversions with Custom Content

Since Wordsmith is platform agnostic, your dynamic NLG-produced content can be deployed anywhere, on any device, in real-time (Check out our API). Category landing pages are too often overlooked when developing an ecommerce content strategy. It is essential to provide dynamic, SEO-optimized, personalized content to your customer base if you want to increase conversions. With Wordsmith, the content on these long-tail landing pages can be completely automated and individualized to a granular level.

We had a fantastic time chatting with everyone and really enjoyed the opportunity to highlight a fantastic NLG use-case. If you would like to learn more, head over to our Wordsmith for Ecommerce page.

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