Over the last few months, we’ve shared some of the truly innovative ways our clients are using Wordsmith to evolve their daily operations and stay ahead of their competition. Today’s client spotlight is on Chicago Sport and Social Club (CSSC), a company that not only recognizes the value of automation and the resources it saves, but also one that stays focused on what’s important to its customers-having fun.

About Chicago Sport and Social Club

With over 100,000 annual participants, CSSC is where active young professionals from all over the Chicago area go to meet and compete. CSSC operates more than 20 year-round recreational sports and over 600 leagues, including the world’s largest beach volleyball leagues. CSSC also provides its members with direct access to local social events, like festivals, concerts, and sports tournaments throughout the year.

Providing a Better Experience

CSSC understands that its members have an unlimited number of options for how they spend their time and disposable income. According to their VP of Operations Brian Irving, “Differentiation is key. We strive to provide a unique experience that our members can’t receive with other leagues or clubs.” Partnering with Automated Insights allowed them to do just that. With Wordsmith, CSSC is able to provide each member with weekly performance recaps that are specific to their team and league. Irving added, “Everyone enjoys being a star. Being able to read about themselves and their friends is a fun and easy way to provide extra value to their experience. For a few moments every week, they’re in the spotlight.”

Delivering at Scale

With tens of thousands of participants in its recreational leagues, manually writing personalized recaps wasn’t going to be feasible for CSSC. According to Irving, “Before Wordsmith, we explored hiring copywriters. However, we quickly realized that approach would be too costly and slow for a project of this magnitude. To deliver the best experience to our members, we have to operate on the cutting edge.” With Wordsmith, CSSC is able to automatically generate thousands of weekly performance recaps in just minutes. “There’s no way we could have replicated its success.”

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