The Associated Press has been a trusted media source for over 170 years, and what enables their continued success is their willingness to adapt and trail blaze new frontiers in journalism. One such frontier? The use of artificial intelligence in the newsroom.

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In a recent report conducted by The Associated Press, researchers map out the future of augmenting journalists and how it may impact the industry. One common theme that continues to pop up throughout the report? Automated Insights and our Wordsmith natural language generation solutions. Music to our ears! We’ve been talking a lot about this lately.

Our technology and Wordsmith managed services partnership with the AP has helped their team achieve greater scale, scope, speed, and accuracy. How, you ask? The AP now covers nearly 4,500 company earnings reports each quarter-up from only 300 manually written reports. They also use Wordsmith to automate game recaps for all Triple-A, Double-A and Class A baseball games, covering 142 MLB-affiliated teams and 13 leagues. The AP estimates that using Wordsmith has freed up around 20% of journalists’ time to do more investigative reporting. Our work has even been proven to have a profound effect on the stock market!

As you dive deeper into the full report (and we encourage you do!), you’ll find answers to tough questions like, “What are the relevant technologies in this field?,” “What is augmented journalism?,” and “What will be the lasting impacts of AI on the news?”

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As expected with any new technology, workflows will need to be adjusted as we move into a more augmented newsroom, but the benefits and instant results of embracing new technologies like Wordsmith are too great.

As our founder, Robbie Allen, so kindly details in this report…

“By pairing humans and software together, you can produce something that’s much better than either one can do on its own.”

And that’s exactly what the AP continues to do, and what other newsrooms will want to mimic moving forward.

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