We had a great time heading to National Harbor and partaking in this year’s MicroStrategy World. MicroStrategy is a leader in the business intelligence market that helps analytics and business professionals uncover insights and make informed decisions faster. We recently announced our new integration with the MicroStrategy Visual Insights (VI) platform, integrating written narratives that are side-by-side with visualizations inside of user dashboards.

We had the chance to speak with a lot of MicroStrategy users, conducted two hands-on workshops using the new integration, and had a great time highlighting natural language generation (NLG) in our talk, Enhancing Data and Dashboard Interpretation with NLG.Throughout our time at MicroStrategy World 2017, a few things seemed to really resonate with users.

Scaling Data Expertise

With the Wordsmith + MicroStrategy integration, it’s like having an expert analyst sit down with each dashboard consumer, explaining trends in clear, understandable language. Regardless of a user’s skillset, Wordsmith will allow MicroStrategy customers to rapidly interpret findings within charts and graphs. By utilizing Wordsmith, an organization’s data expert(s) can focus on higher value projects instead of spending time explaining what the dashboards they’ve built are conveying to each department or executive level. Better yet, Wordsmith uses the data behind a dashboard and can pull out insights that cannot be visually interpreted.

Increase Organizational Dashboard Usage

Wordsmith can leverage the data set behind a dashboard and condense what’s important into a single narrative. This allows for insights to be shared in ways outside of the MicroStrategy platform. For instance, users can utilize Wordsmith to automate quick daily summaries that can be sent via email — providing important KPIs and enticing users to take a peek at (and dive into) the comprehensive dashboards and data visualizations.

Explore Hidden Trends in Real-Time

Because Wordsmith has the world’s only open API for natural language generation, MicroStrategy customers can start quickly discovering insights hidden within their data in a smarter, faster, and easier to understand way. This also means that as a user explores a visualization, the narratives update in real-time.

We would like to thank our MicroStrategy partners for being terrific hosts! World was a great experience. Learning first hand the most pressing analysis hurdles users face within the business intelligence arena was enlightening. It was a pleasure discussing how NLG fits into the mold to create dashboards that go beyond just graphs, but paint an entire picture of business health. The location, workshops, talks, and even the parties made for a perfect excursion!

We had a fantastic time chatting with everyone and really enjoyed the opportunity to highlight a fantastic NLG use-case. If you would like to learn more about our new MicroStrategy integration, head over to our MicroStrategy page.

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