Wordsmith for MicroStrategy

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Equip your MicroStrategy dashboards with the power of natural language generation (NLG).

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An automated expert for every visualization

It’s the bridge that connects data analysis and exploration with understanding and action.

The API integration with Wordsmith lowers the learning curve for business users by guiding them through a visualization with annotations. Furthermore, the integration crafts a narrative that brings together insight from the whole picture of business metrics, instead of creating multiple narratives for each visualization separately.

Tim Lang
Senior Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, MicroStrategy

Make the most out of your MicroStrategy investment

Wordsmith turns your dashboards into a comprehensive analytics environment for each and every user—no matter their role, department, or skill level.

Complete Context
Complete context

Eliminate the risk of data misinterpretation and improve decision making by providing full contextual analysis alongside your dashboards.

100% Control
100% control

Wordsmith puts your most skilled analyst in the driver’s seat, allowing you to scale their data expertise across your entire organization.

Personalized Reporting
Personalized reporting

One dataset can yield different KPIs for different people. That’s why Wordsmith generates tailored insights to everyone within your company.

Trusted by the best

NLG is transforming how the enterprise analyzes, communicates, and acts on their data.

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