5 Zaps that use Wordsmith’s natural language generation to simplify and improve your workflow.

We know you’ve been waiting for this day for a long time. A day when all our favorite apps will be able to unlock the power of natural language generation (NLG).

“One day I’ll use NLG to power my Salesforce workflows…”
“One day I’ll use NLG to talk to my customers via chatbots…”
“One day I’ll use NLG to write Shopify product descriptions…”

Well, that day is now here. And to celebrate this wonderful harmony of Zapier’s huge app library with Wordsmith’s powerful NLG template engine, we’ve cooked up some automated workflows that we think you might like.

With virtually thousands of Wordsmith Zap possibilities out there, we thought it’d be best to get your brain thinking on some Zaps and real-world use cases that showcase what you can do with Wordsmith in apps like Slack, Google Sheets, Twitter, Gmail and Shopify.
Slack Ws Slack Icons White

1. Equip your chatbots with Wordsmith’s advanced logic and intelligence

Simply create a Wordsmith template with conditional branches that’s driven by your chosen data source. Once a specific message or phrase is posted in your Slack channel, Wordsmith generates custom text (based off of your template and data source) and sends it right back to Slack as a post. We’ve made bots that relay your stock updates with personal financial advice, forecast the weather in your area, and even one that answers your questions in the voice and tone of Donald Trump, aka Trumpbot.

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Google Sheets and Shopify

2. Automatically generate product descriptions for all your Shopify listings

New products are added daily, even hourly in many businesses. With this Google Sheets-Wordsmith-Shopify integration, you can now create a product description as fast as new products surface. Whenever a new row is added to your Google Sheets document, Zapier sends that product data to Wordsmith, where it gets converted into a product description. Zapier then sends product data and the updated description to your Shopify account, creating products for you automatically from raw details, ready to be sold on Shopify. Writing product descriptions can be a tedious task, so just let Wordsmith and Zapier do the hard work.

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Googleforms Ws Gmal Icons White

3. Respond to customers with personalized outreach

Your users rely on forms to provide a means for easy information submission, whether they’re entering it freely or choosing from pre-defined options. This data can be used to create a personalized summary, report, or narrative specific to the user, but you need access to that information first. Set up this integration and Zapier will move everything along for you: From then on, every new response your Google Form receives will automatically be converted into a Wordsmith narrative for readability. Create a customized narrative based on responses and send responses directly to your users through Gmail.

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Salesforce and Gmail

4. Automatically create and add notes to Salesforce

Salesforce provides robust information about leads, prospects, and existing clients. Send this information to Wordsmith to stay on top of all your sales activity. This integration is great for internal reporting. Your team can monitor and report sales performance in natural language. You can even send that Wordsmith content back to Salesforce as a note within the opportunity.

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Maymyfitness Ws Twitter Icons

5. Create and tweet MapMyFitness workout summaries

MapMyFitness, Wordsmith, and Twitter work together to keep you or your favorite audience up to date on your workout goals and progress. Use workout tweets as motivation, accountability, or simply bragging rights.

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And there you have it – 5 Zaps that will get your NLG feet wet. Did that get the brain turning about what’s possible with Wordsmith and Zapier?

If you have a use case that you think Wordsmith might be able to assist with, please get in touch. We’ve built narratives for some of the largest companies in the world, creating billions of pieces of content via the cloud and on premises each year.

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