Get data from and publish to hundreds of cloud applications like Shopify, WordPress, and Magento.
No coding necessary.

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Zapier’s easy step-by-step process connects hundreds of apps to Wordsmith

We recently announced that Wordsmith, our natural language generation platform, is now integrated with Tableau’s data visualization API. So why stop there? We’re happy to announce we’re now fully integrated with Zapier, connecting Wordsmith to 500+ applications!

Integrating the two platforms makes it even easier for users to get data from apps like Magento, Google Forms, or QuickBooks, and use it to create content with Wordsmith-then publish to various platforms including Salesforce, Trello, WordPress, and more.

How It Works

Once you connect Wordsmith to your selected Zapier application, the platform uses your NLG template guidelines to generate data-driven narratives. You can then use Zapier to send that content wherever you want it to go: into customer emails, into your CMS and shopping cart, or even into messaging services like Slack.

When you create a multi-step Zap, generating and publishing your content is based on Zapier’s trigger events and actions. Adding Wordsmith to multi-step Zaps, like those recommended in the above list, gives you more advanced workflows that unlock even more ways to construct and implement your content.

The Integration in Action

We held a 24-hour “hackathon” at Automated Insights to see what we could come up with using Wordsmith and Zapier’s integration. One of our employees used a multi-step Zap to create a “Trumpbot” that’s almost a little too realistic.

Trumpbot 1
Is it “Trumpbot” or is it the real Trump engaged in debate prep?

The “Trumpbot” workflow kicks off when someone asks it a question in the appropriate Slack channel. This data is sent to Wordsmith where the content is created (this bot’s text replies were constructed with real phrases from Trump’s speeches) and then sent back as a reply in Slack.

Our Director of Employee Happiness (oh yes, that’s a very real title at Automated Insights) also built a chatbot that provides fun facts about specific employees when queried, which was featured in Zapier’s how-to guide for building your own bot.

While chatbots are certainly one of the most entertaining items you can build with Wordsmith’s Zapier integration, over 500 applications connected to Zapier means there are hundreds of narratives just waiting to be automated.
Sfdc Graphic
If you’re not using an email automation tool or you simply don’t want to map Salesforce data to a complex set of email fields, we’ve got you covered. You can set up a Zap that connects Salesforce, Wordsmith, and Gmail to send your team alerts about new opportunities, leads, and notes. Customizing the narrative is easy with Wordsmith, and the integrations provided by Zapier allow you to deliver unique, contextualized notifications to each member of your team-right to their inbox.

You can also check out our 5 favorite Zaps to spark ideas for how you can use Wordsmith and Zapier to automate a diverse set of connected tasks.

To get started automating your work, request a demo of Wordsmith and check out Wordsmith integrations on Zapier to explore hundreds of connected applications and pre-made workflows.

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