We broke new ground when we launched Wordsmith as the first completely user-controlled natural language generation platform. As a result, we’ve seen users implement Wordsmith in over 25 countries outside of the United States, including South Africa, China, India, Finland, Turkey, France, Australia, and Taiwan.

With a global user base, it’s important that we provide an environment where users can automate their writing in any language they want. Currently, Wordsmith content has been written in more than 20 languages; narratives in Spanish, German, Russian, French, Italian, and Japanese have all been written using the Wordsmith NLG platform.

One of the companies using Wordsmith’s NLG technology to produce non-English content is DigitalSTROM. For their customers, they’re producing personalized reports in German that inform and explain their home’s energy consumption on a daily basis.

Digital Strom German

DigitalSTROM’s personalized energy consumption reports written with Wordsmith in German.

While the German in-app text summaries they deliver are longer, they also provide customers with an audio report of energy usage. Both the German text and audio reports are produced using Wordsmith’s API, instantaneously giving their clients the most up to date information on energy consumption within their homes.

In the past, generating non-English content at scale took extensive resources and time (several months, in some cases) to execute. With the Wordsmith NLG platform, articles like this recent BBC Mundo piece, can be written and published in a non-English language in very little time.


BBC Mundo’s Wordsmith template for their article written in Spanish.

By giving Wordsmith users the power to write and automate written narratives in their chosen language on a self-service platform, customers can produce and publish and update unique articles within a day’s time-an expediency that’s unique to NLG with the Wordsmith platform. We even support automating content with emojis!

Request a demo of Wordsmith to start automating content in your language, or check out some of the other features of the platform.