The Critical Role of Compliance

One of the many appeals of generating your own narratives with Wordsmith is the speed at which you can create unique content at scale.  It’s not uncommon for companies to create hundreds of thousands of lines of copy in minutes.  Despite this unique ability to produce content so quickly, many companies find that they are only as fast as the legal team assigned to review it. This practice is especially common in regulated industries like financial services, healthcare, and business intelligence.

While compliance is a critical step, reviewing all potential variations of copy can be a massive undertaking. And, unfortunately, most NLG solutions simply do not offer a way for you to review the logical rules or even the possible phrases that could be generated. These limitations lead to compliance teams only seeing a small fraction of the potential copy that could be created. Without the ability to review all possible narratives or see the rules that determine when a phrase will be written in advance, companies risk unapproved copy slipping into production and reaching the public.

Outline Mode is a Game Changer

We understand the vital role that compliance plays in your business. That’s one of the reasons we created Outline Mode, a new Wordsmith feature that makes reviewing and navigating a complex set of narratives easier and exponentially faster.

Outline Mode makes it easy for your compliance team to review your entire narrative structure, including the data, logic, and word choices in a single pane. Instead of reading as many narratives as possible and hoping that they accurately represent the millions of possible sentences that could come out of an NLG system, Outline Mode lets you review the limited set of narrative segments and the rules that create the final outputs. As a result, your compliance team can quickly sign-off on all potential variations of narrative segments and their logical rules at once.

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Outline Mode allows you to review all potential narratives while you work in the Wordsmith Editor.


Example of Application: Client Fund Commentary

Wordsmith is commonly used by asset management firms to generate real-time fund reports for their individual customers, providing a new level of customer service excellence and customization. Clients can get up-to-the-minute, on-demand written narratives highlighting their personal portfolios. Likewise, in the highly regulated financial environment, legal and compliance teams need to be absolutely certain that the commentaries distributed to customers are accurate and communicated clearly. Wordsmith’s Outline Mode helps to quickly and easily ensure that all potential communication scenarios fall within approved regulation and branding.

Stay tuned as we’ll be sharing more helpful use cases for Outline Mode and other advanced Wordsmith features in the coming weeks.