The Wordsmith NLG platform is revolutionizing the way that financial services firms produce content both for their clients and their own internal purposes.Wordsmith allows users to transform data into high-quality, customized reports. Financial services companies, which have both rigorously managed data and a constant need for written analysis, are ideally situated to benefit from this technology.Some of the most automatable types of financial services content also form the foundation of client communications:

  • individual portfolio reports
  • commentaries on equities and funds
  • broader sector analysis

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Content that makes a strong candidate for automation has one of several characteristics:


Content that is produced on a recurring basis, be it daily, weekly, monthly or some other periodic schedule. This characteristic maps perfectly to the way in which financial information is typically reported to various audiences and stakeholders.


Content that is time-sensitive and whose value is greatest when the information is freshest. This is another fundamental element in financial reporting, and the need for speed naturally points toward automation.


Content that is produced in high volumes. It makes sense to automate 5,000 reports; it makes even more sense to automate a million of them. Financial services firms looking to produce content about each client’s individual portfolio performance thus derive massive benefits from automated content.

Audience of One

Content that is personalized to the individual level or that is intended to inform or motivate a single person or small group. Again, firms engaging their clients with personalized information are well suited for an automated approach to content generation.

Content needs to meet only one of these criteria to be automatable. In the case of financial services, however, all of these requirements are often in play, translating into an even greater opportunity for efficiency and cost savings.

It’s also worth noting that the automation of content is not limited in terms of branding and does not result in overly robotic output. It’s possible to automate content even if it:

Has A Distinct Structure and Tone

Even within the financial services community, different audiences are best served with different styles of writing: high net worth retirees may prefer one kind of portfolio report, while Millennials may prefer another. Fortunately, Wordsmith enables automated narratives to assume any tone: casual, professional, persuasive, formal and anything in between. Tone can also be adjusted to match your firm’s brand style guidelines, so there’s no need to rewrite or edit after the content is generated.

Is Based In Part On Non-Numerical Data

While the majority of financial data is numerical, automation can also account for text of any sort, including company, fund and industry descriptions.

Does Not Currently Exist

Automation saves companies time and money on the content that already create manually, but it can also do much more than that. Wordsmith allows firms to create content they would never have been able to produce otherwise, since it works at a speed and scale no team of financial analysts or advisors can match. This can mean bringing more value to clients with additional in-depth portfolio analysis, or improving internal company intelligence by increased reporting on the firm’s operations.

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