When we released the Wordsmith platform, our goal was to put the power of natural language generation in the hands of every business user. Wordsmith makes it easy to build a template and generate automated content that people want to read.Wordsmith’s intuitive and simple UI allows customers to focus on building highly sophisticated stories. In fact, the potential for complexity is precisely because the platform are easy to use.We show how Wordsmith’s tools work together in 3 Sentences, 140,000 Possibilities: Why Wordsmith Works For SEO.Wordsmith’s flexibility is the key to generating automated content that is highly sophisticated, individualized, clear, insightful, and valuable to each reader. Wordsmith’s template engine allows users to apply conditional logic that controls entire paragraphs, sentences, parts of sentences, and individual words. Wordsmith templates can even be configured to vary the output if the underlying data is the same.

The power of Wordsmith-generated content is proven by customers of all sizes across a range of markets. Take a look at the experience and words of our customers and then discover Wordsmith’s true power for yourself by requesting a demo of the platform.

The Orlando Magic deemed Wordsmith content so effective that it replaced human outreach with automated emails.

Orlando Magic Wordsmith Customer Communications
The Orlando Magic is using Wordsmith to produce individualized emails to season ticket holders that include offers unique to each recipient. Here’s what Anthony Perez, the team’s Executive Vice President of Strategy, said in a webinar about Wordsmith:

“. . . [Wordsmith] allowed us to ensure that the message was clear and very much specific to each customer, that we’re still able to leverage the relationship that the service person has with them in sending those emails . . . . “But it also allowed us to just take our service team out of the execution for these types of touch points and let them focus on higher-value activities: building deeper relationships with our fans in and around games.”

Perez further notes that the service team has been “incredibly happy” with the increase in automation. And according customer feedback, Magic season ticket holders have been happy with the personalized offer emails, too.

Associated Press, the world’s most trusted name in journalism, trusts Wordsmith.

“AP has been breaking news since 1846,” says Lisa Gibbs, Deputy Business Editor at The Associated Press. The company sets standards for journalists far beyond its own employees. “The AP stylebook is famous for establishing how most news organizations describe things,” says Gibbs. “We call it the journalist’s bible wherever you are. That’s how we and journalists view it.”

Now, using the Wordsmith platform, the Associated Press produces 3,700 corporate earnings stories per quarter.
AP Earnings Recap Wordsmith NLG
“Our team worked very hard to make sure that the templates we built with Automated Insights met AP standards and style but also read like earnings stories,” says Gibbs. “We don’t want people scanning the mobile app or reading the stories on a customer website to be distracted in any way by a different style of writing or something that ‘sounds like a machine.'”

This year, AP announced it has expanded its use of Wordsmith to automate over 9,000 Minor League Baseball game recaps per year. Slate offered this review of our stories:

Read a few, and you’ll quickly gather that Automated Insights’ software is significantly more sophisticated than [Madlibs]. . . . The AP says its human baseball writers and editors worked with the company to customize the Wordsmith platform to conform to its house style for game recaps. And Automated Insights, which was acquired by the sports data firm STATS in 2015, has developed techniques for identifying and highlighting key plays and turning points in a given game just by analyzing the game data. That allows Wordsmith to write anecdotal ledes in some cases, making its stories sound less robotic.

Gibbs estimates that in the past two years, she’s given dozens of interviews about automation. Given its global reputation, AP’s embrace of Wordsmith is a clear validation of its capabilities.

Wordsmith empowers businesses to communicate directly with  their customers on a personal level.

Home automation company digitalSTROM uses Wordsmith to inform its customers about their energy consumption so they can make better decisions as consumers.

“We have an overall view of how and when our customers use energy. Our goal is to synthesize all of that data into relevant insights for our customers.”  – Martin Vesper, CEO, digitalSTROM

For GreatCall, a mobile device company focused on older Americans, Wordsmith helps to humanize information about its users’ location and wellbeing.

“Presenting user data as a chart or graph just didn’t feel like the right way to represent people’s lives. Our customers agreed – a narrative summary of somebody’s week is a much more natural fit.” – Krijn van der Raadt, VP of IT and Software Development, GreatCall

Meanwhile, Bodybuilding.com leverages Wordsmith to transform a user’s workout data into a personalized, encouraging email.

“What we liked about Ai was the added value of the verbiage – the context that the words gave to the numbers, presented in a form that feels like it was written specifically for each user.” – Jamie Loehr, Senior VP of Ecommerce, Bodybuilding.com

Ready to see just how sophisticated, variable, and human Wordsmith can be? You can request a demo of the platform right now.