E-commerce companies know that they have to automate almost every aspect of their business in order to survive. Automation – from your inventory systems to your email marketing – is how you scale your business and lower your costs. If you’re not aggressively automating your processes, you’ll soon be outmatched by a competitor that is.

One e-commerce process that has been completely resistant to automation: the writing of compelling product descriptions in the company’s style, voice and tone. This kind of writing has always required a manual approach, by which copywriters compose one description at a time. That’s an expensive and time-consuming proposition for an industry that often relies on competitive pricing and daily deals. But websites that don’t pay writers are stuck with uninspiring copy that is less likely to impress either customers or search engines.

With the new Wordsmith platform, all of this is about to change.

Wordsmith Product Description

Using Wordsmith, e-commerce professionals can upload manufacturer data and create highly targeted, variable, and compelling product descriptions. The platform allows a single copywriter to configure a highly dynamic template and then produce thousands or even millions of unique descriptions with just a few clicks. Wordsmith empowers retailers to generate content on a scale that’s never before been possible.

The platform works by capitalizing on the data that e-commerce companies already have about each product SKU. With Wordsmith, each product row in the spreadsheet can be transformed into a full product description.

E-Commerce SEO Wordsmith Natural Language Generation Formula

Even better, this platform allows you to create rule-based writing to vary the information pulled into your descriptions and the style in which the content is written. The process is automated, but the results are anything but robotic. Each description sounds like a human writer carefully crafted it by hand.

The Next Step

As e-commerce continues its rise, the automation of product descriptions is the next step in driving efficiency and productivity. There’s simply no other way for online retailers to get engaging copy at the scale they need.

The companies that adapt this new technology today will be the best positioned to compete well in the future. You can request a demo of Wordsmith and get started today.