Big data is one of the fastest growing and most aggressive trends in the modern business landscape. Now in perfect harmony with big data, data visualization tools provided by MicroStrategy, Tableau, and TIBCO, amongst others, provide valuable insight into business health. As the pervasiveness of big data and the business intelligence tools that make that data actionable become more commonplace, professions revolving around data science and analysis are thriving in the new data-driven environments.

Data science is a relatively young field within the professional realm. While “Data Scientist” may be a fairly new role,  the profession’s value is quickly becoming clear, as more and more organizations clamor to get their hands on elite talent from the data science world. If a firm does get their hands on a top data scientist or analyst, they are typically spread incredibly thin due to a heavy workload. The expertise that a top-level data scientist brings to the table requires a resource that is incredibly limited to scale effectively: time.

That’s where Wordsmith can help accomplish the previously unachievable-by scaling data expertise. Using the Wordsmith natural language generation (NLG) platform, a firm’s top data scientist or group of analysts can effectively scale themselves to provide invaluable analysis across the organization. There is no limit to how many analytical narratives can be produced, as Wordsmith users produced over 1.5 billion narratives in 2016 alone.

Better yet, the narratives that weave a cohesive story about the data behind the scenes can be tailored to deliver the need-to-know insights based on who is actively looking at a dashboard. Executives and managers look for different elements within a dashboard, and Wordsmith can deliver the relevant facts based on these user personas. It is as if your data scientists and analysts are sitting down with each employee, hand-picking the facts that are most important to whomever is viewing these complex dashboards. Utilizing Automated Insights’ publicly available API, the narratives that complement data visualizations can update in real-time as a user explores data deep within the dashboard.

Want to get started scaling your data science expertise? Head over to the Wordsmith for Business Intelligence page to learn more. If you don’t have analysts available, Automated Insights’ team of data scientists can build an automated commentary for your business dashboards. Head over to the Managed Services page to learn more.