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Automating E-Commerce: Product Descriptions & Personalized Emails

The Wordsmith natural language generation platform is revolutionizing the way that e-commerce companies produce content about their products and communicate with their customers.

The description that accompanies each product is critical: not only does a good description increase the likelihood of purchase, it also helps your product gain visibility. On its blog, marketing analytics firm Kissmetrics puts “Lack of Product Description” first on its list of  “7 Critical SEO Errors of E-commerce Websites.” Unique product descriptions can be costly to produce; however, writing customized copy in your brand’s voice has, until recently, required a lot of manual time and effort.

Customer emails are another essential tool of e-commerce communication. But when emails compete in a cluttered inbox, how many customers are actually interested in reading yet another offer from an e-commerce company? Of course, it’s just not possible to manually compose highly personalized emails to every client on your email list.

Wordsmith changes all that. The Wordsmith platform lets you turn data into unique and compelling content that helps attract and retain customers. E-commerce companies, which have copious product and customer data, are ideally situated to benefit.

Some of the most automatable types of e-commerce content are:

  • Product descriptions
  • Product category landing pages
  • Individualized emails

Why these types in particular? Content that makes a strong candidate for automation has one of several characteristics:


Content that is produced in high volumes.
E-commerce companies can sell thousands, even millions of unique products. Manually writing compelling product descriptions is simply not practical at that scale. Before Wordsmith, a company’s only other option was to rely on manufacturer provided details, ensuring the products would not stand out from the competition.

E-Commerce SEO Wordsmith Natural Language Generation Formula

Wordsmith gives companies the ability to automatically generate engaging, unique copy for product descriptions and product category landing pages at the scale their business requires.


Content that is produced on a recurring basis, be it daily, weekly, monthly or some other periodic schedule.E-commerce companies need to position products in a way that is relevant to shoppers and unique from the competition. For holidays and other seasonal events, product descriptions change to take advantage of the buying occasion. Product descriptions may also need to be updated based on new features being added, sale pricing, and other criteria.

Wordsmith allows companies to create content they would never have been able to produce otherwise, since it works at a speed and scale no team of writers can match.


Content that is time-sensitive and whose value is greatest when the information is freshest.
This is another fundamental requirement in e-commerce: timely customer communication is essential to building trust and driving action.

Audience of Once

Content that is personalized to the individual level or that is intended to inform or motivate a single person or small group.

With content produced with Wordsmith, e-commerce companies can engage their customers with personalized emails about relevant deals based on purchase history, product preferences, and other data. Content needs to meet only one of these criteria to be automatable. For e-commerce companies, all of these requirements are often in play, creating an even greater opportunity for efficiency and cost savings.

It’s also worth noting that the automation of content is not limited by brand, tone, and voice requirements, and it does not result in robotic output. It’s possible to automate content even if it:

Requires A Distinct Structure and Tone

Wordsmith enables automated narratives to assume any tone to match any brand guidelines for any audience segment: luxury buyers, geeks, auto enthusiasts, millennials and any other conceivable audience segment.

Since tone and style can be adjusted to match your company’s unique brand voice, every one of your product descriptions will stand apart from the competition. Plus, there’s no need to rewrite or edit after the content is generated.

Is Based In Part On Non-Numerical Data

For an NLG platform like Wordsmith, that’s no problem. Automated content can account for text of any sort, including lists.

Does Not Currently Exist

Wordsmith allows companies to create content they would never have been able to produce otherwise, since it works at a speed and scale no team of writers can match. This can bring descriptions to niche products or sub-category landing pages that currently lack descriptions; it can also improve connections with customers with new emails they look forward to opening.

Ready to automatically generate your product descriptions and customer emails? Request a demo to get started.

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