We believe that our NLG platform, Wordsmith, can make sense of the world’s data in a way no other technology can. One particular way NLG can make sense of it all? With trash talk.That’s right. With some good ‘ole bad-mouthing, belittling, and chirping. Sometimes the best way to have the metaphorical light bulb go off and rethink your decision making process is through a well-timed diss.It’s exactly what the millions upon millions of Yahoo Fantasy Football players have come to love (and hate…sorry!) about their draft report cards and weekly game recaps. These draft report cards and game recaps are created with NLG, each one configured in a way that automatically delivers personalized insights to each and every user with the tone and snark of your best friend (or enemy…sorry again!).Our work with Yahoo Fantasy Sports has produced some frame-worthy call-outs over the past few NFL seasons. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorites. Enjoy!
Yahoo Fantasy Football Draft Report Card

#1- Team Name: The Brady Bunch

The Brady Bunch should use Week 11 to consider life’s great mysteries, like why abbreviation is such a long word. It would be better than checking fantasy football that week.

#2 – Team Name: When the Le’Veon Breaks

For some the 15th overall pick is a challenge, for others it’s a blessing, but for When the Le’Veon Breaks it looks to be a curse and an early indicator of the season ahead.

#3 – Team Name: Game of Jones

Quarterback Controversy? Game of Jones may have to rely on a Ouija board each week. Their top-drafted (Derek Carr) and second-drafted (Andy Dalton) QBs have fairly similar seasonal point projections.

#4 – Team Name: My Favorite Marshawn

As Mitch Hedberg once said, “Every book is a children’s book if the kid can read.” With 423 projected fantasy points, Aaron Rodgers is a kid who’ll turn opposing secondaries into childrens’ books each week.

#5 – Team Name: Deshaun of the Dead

Deshaun Watson likes his eggs scrambled. And a little runny, eh? Watson is projected to deliver 365 rushing yards, and ranks fifth among QBs in that category.

#6 – Team Name: Julio Think You Are?

It was almost too hard to watch as Julio Think You Are? took the third pick and drove any playoff hopes they had right off a cliff. They are projected to finish 3-11-0 (1,987 points), bad enough for an eighth-place finish in the RUN DMC League.

#7 – Team Name: Dak to the Future

AARP card arriving soon! With an average of 7.8 years of NFL experience, Dak to the Future is the team most likely to have a player qualify for a senior citizen discount.

#8 – Team Name: Belichick Yo Self

Milk was a bad choice. And so was drafting Danny Woodhead, the weakest value of the round.

#9 – Team Name: Super Mario-ta

Clickbait advertising! Defenses hate him, quarterbacks love him. Dez Bryant is expected to catch almost everything this year, as his 91 projected receptions rank eighth in the league.

#10 – Team Name: Turn down for Watt

The GM of Turn down for Watt took the eighth overall pick in the draft and turned it into a pretty decent team. Unless of course they planned on winning, because if that was the plan, then it didn’t go very well.

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