Ecommerce Pain Point: Creating dynamic product descriptions and keyword-rich landing pages that update in real-time, personally engage with visitors, and rank highly in search results is an expensive endeavor.
Ok, you’ve done all your ecommerce website optimization homework:

  • You’ve studied up on the importance of keyword ranking.
  • You’ve researched about the customer experience and how it must be personalized.
  • You know you have to create responsive content specifically for mobile, tablet, and desktop.
  • Your content has to be engaging, relevant, and on-brand.
  • You must leverage targeted content to convert a higher percentage of your visitors.
  • And don’t forget, you’ve been tasked to create all of this content that gets all of this done as cost-effectively and as soon as possible!

So, now what?

If you are like most ecommerce companies, this is where you get hung up. You know what to do, but how to do it in a profitable and scalable way is an entirely different question.

You have more access to data about your products, customers, processes, performance, competitors, and the overall marketplace than ever before. Wordsmith leverages that data using natural language generation (NLG) to help retailers turn data into product descriptions, category landing pages, and highly individualized messages.

We’ve listed a few key points below on how NLG can solve the “creating new, variable content is too expensive” pain point.

Create Product Descriptions at a Fraction of the Cost

Typically, ecommerce companies create product descriptions for their site in a few ways:

  1. outsource with freelance copywriters
  2. copy and paste directly from manufacturer
  3. hire an agency

What do all of these methods have in common? They are expensive and impossible to scale. If you’re reading this and you currently use one of these methods, think about how much you spend per product description. We’ve heard everything from $1 to $5! If you’re selling over a million SKUs….that’s crazy expensive!

Fortunately, Wordsmith solves the problem of expensive, manually written product descriptions by giving companies the ability to automatically generate engaging and unique copy. In the time it takes a freelance writer to create a product description for a Samsung 2017 55″ Smart QLED TV, Wordsmith will have already written thousands of in-depth and engaging product descriptions for all of your tv offerings. Now that’s how you scale!

Update Product Descriptions In Milliseconds

Unique content is far more preferable; as marketing analytics firm Kissmetrics notes on its blog, “the more unique content you write for your product description will always be better for your SEO efforts.” But manually creating unique content for every one of your products would take an eternity. And by the time you finish even doing a fraction of that work, it would be time to update those pages with new inventory.

Wordsmith gives your customers fresh and engaging content by easily updating your text whenever you want. We generate over 5 million SEO friendly ecommerce narratives each week for our clients. All unique and filled with keyword-rich text.

We’ve have had companies that started off updating their content once every quarter, and once they realized conversion statistics improved then decided to update to every other month (conversion statistics improved again), then every month (conversion statistics improved again), then bi-weekly (conversion statistics improved yet again), and then weekly. You know who loved that? Search engines. Once the companies started seeing themselves rank higher and higher in search results there was no turning back! Check out the scope of Wordsmith and how it works for SEO, and take a look at this post from BigCommerce with more tips on achieving SEO greatness.

Long Tail Category Landing Pages for Every Single Product

What if you could easily generate engaging content centered around long tail keywords? And we’re not just talking about a one-off campaign or two. Wordsmith lets you create tens of thousands of keyword-rich, specifically targeted category landing pages.

These are the types of visitors you want coming to your site! People that search with detailed phrases know exactly what they are looking for and are easier to convert. If you have Wordsmith powered copy on your landing pages that speak directly to what they are looking for then you are going to attract and convert visitors at an extremely high rate.