Gather round and let us tell you the story of 2018

The year of natural language. From major data and analytics conferences to innovative new use cases to groundbreaking market reports to rapid adoption within BI and Fortune 100 companies, no other trend or emerging market was as in-demand in 2018 as NLG.

We generated hundreds of millions of stories for the sports fan, the hardcore gamer, the insurance provider, and every data-loving person in between
Activision rethinks gaming

Activision delivered a whopping 133+ million game recaps in 2018 to users via their gaming systems, online platforms, and the Amazon Alexa.

Yahoo! talks a lot of smack

Yahoo! Sports stuffed the box score by generating over 80 million personalized reports (and smack talk) to fantasy football users during the 2018 NFL season.

Allstate's competitive edge

Allstate automatically supported over 10,000 agents, 250 field sales leaders, and 40 territory sales leaders by leveraging natural language generation and Tableau.

Feeling industrious

From soccer and weather, to manufacturing and energy, companies in over 50 industries used NLG to make sense of their data.

Forrester named us a market leader in their evaluation of NLG for analytics
Read the full report and discover the NLG providers that matter the most

According to Forrester, all enterprise BI deployments will include NLG by the end of 2019.

Our customers shared their NLG stories
What does NLG look like for enterprise BI deployments?

Our friends at Allstate couldn’t have said it any better. Here’s an NLG must-watch from 2018.

Understanding your data is easier across the board

Wordsmith now allows you to connect and transform data any way you like, making your data storytelling way more powerful.

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Extend the power of Tableau with the new Wordsmith Extension. Connect directly to Tableau Desktop and Server 2018.2 or later.

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Speed to insight got a whole lot faster with Wordsmith’s ability to generate analysis in multiple languages.

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NLG expanded its BI footprint with the help of our wonderful partners

Analysis Factory, Genware Computer Systems, Icimo, Perficient, Point Focal, USEReady, and whole lot more.

Natural language stole the show in NOLA for TC18

We traveled to New Orleans for learning, viz-spiration, and of course, all of the beignets. Our key takeaway from Tableau Conference? NLG has arrived, and it’s here to stay.

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An NLG platform to lead you into the new wave of data and analytics
SOC 2 compliant

We ensured security best practices around Wordsmith to meet the requirements of your particular industry and use case.

Augmented analysis

We put the power of instant data analysis in the hands of everyone by augmenting additional levels of reporting.

Data engine

Wordsmith users now have more tools to tell their data’s story. Connect and transform data with custom calculations.

Seamless integrations

Adding natural language to Tableau, MicroStrategy, TIBCO, and Power BI has never been easier.

Go ahead and take the Wordsmith platform for a spin

Request a demo and see what all this NLG hoopla is about.

As if working at Automated Insights could get any better

Well, it did. We added over 30 new super talented people (and dogs!) to the team from engineering and sales, to data science and marketing. And our family is still growing. Join us in 2019!

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Before we wave goodbye to 2018, let’s just say we had some fun along the way
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