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MicroStrategy + Wordsmith

Your MicroStrategy Dashboards, Explained in Plain Language

An Automated Expert For Every Visualization

Wordsmith is the world’s only self-service natural language generation engine. Our public API makes it easy for data professionals to automate clear, written explanations of their MicroStrategy visualizations. It’s like having an expert speak directly to every user, telling them what the data means and what they should do about it. And, best of all, the narrative updates in real time as the user explores the visualization.

Highlight what you need to know, fast.

Wordsmith is the largest natural language generation engine in the world, producing over 1.5 billion narratives in 2016 alone. Since the engine is fully customizable, MicroStrategy users have complete control over the narrative insights they deliver. Now, data experts can design templates that deliver the exact insights employees need to know. And best of all, the stories are all embedded directly in the dashboards they use everyday.

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This partnership is exciting because Wordsmith’s NLG gives MicroStrategy users complete control over narrative insights derived from their dashboards, highlighting what a user needs to know in real-time as they explore the visualization.
Adam Smith
COO, Head of Partnerships, Automated Insights

Automatically Explain Any Dashboard

Make Decisions Faster

Help any user understand what they need to know. Tell them in plain English what’s happening in the data.

Public API

Create content in real time at any scale. Wordsmith has the only public Natural Language Generation API.

You Have Control

Customize descriptions of any visualization with your own style, tone, and industry-specific language.

Let’s Build Something Powerful Together

Start adding dynamic commentary with your MicroStrategy dashboards right now with Wordsmith, or let us build your solution for you.

Our managed services team helps some of the largest companies in the world create billions of pieces of content each year. Have a dashboard you want us to automate insights for? Our team of data scientists can build an automated commentary of your MicroStrategy visualizations or dashboards for you in no time.

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