Enhancing voice design with NLG
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From video games and data visualizations, to weather and stock portfolios, bring your voice assistant devices to life in a whole new way.

Get more than just a forecast

Connect Wordsmith to your Google Assistant.

We are dedicated to providing the best and most accurate forecasts available with the Google Assistant across devices, and this is a welcome expansion in how we can serve that audience with enhanced ease of use and simple voice commands.

Steven Smith
President of Digital Media, AccuWeather

Alexa is a launching pad for future projects. Wordsmith will play an important role in how we communicate with our customers in the future.

Ramprasad Renganathan
Data Scientist, Omnitracs

Typically, integrations have focused on what a user can say to Alexa, not what she can say back. With Wordsmith, we get human-sounding responses that naturally use different language each time.

Krijn van der Raadt
Vice President of IT and Software Development, GreatCall 
A totally unique gaming experience

Connect Wordsmith to your Amazon Alexa.

A hackathon unlike any other

Relive the sights and sounds of the first ever NLG and Alexa hackathon, hosted by Automated Insights and Amazon Alexa.

In the news

Automated Insights takes the stage at AWS re:Invent to map out the future of voice design.

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Activision uses an Alexa skill armed with NLG to create personalized responses.

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Ai takes home first place with Tableau, Alexa, and Wordsmith hack.

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