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Add the power of natural language generation to your Tableau dashboard — with only a few clicks.

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Drag, Click, Understand
Simply drag the Wordsmith Extension into your dashboard to connect and get started.
Customize insights in only a few clicks that note key trends and reduce data misinterpretation.
Instantly publish notes that keep your dashboard explained and your audience engaged.
Cut through the complexity

Tell viewers exactly what they need to know in clear, natural language.

Complement your visuals
Complement your visuals

The Wordsmith Extension combines the power of visual analysis with written analysis to tell every aspect of your data’s story.

Engage your audience
Engage your audience

Using the Wordsmith Extension, provide automated notes that bolster your expert analysis and help your dashboard audience understand and take clear action.

Guide your viewers
Guide dashboard viewers

Insights created with the Wordsmith Extension update with filter and selection changes as viewers explore a dashboard, providing relevant narrative about the visualization at hand.

Drive better decisions
Generate data-driven action

Create a full end-to-end analytics experience with Tableau and the Wordsmith Extension, making your dashboards the launch point for data-driven decisions across your organization.

Enabling our customers to leverage the power of Wordsmith narratives directly in Tableau is exactly what we envisioned when developing dashboard extensions.

Francois Ajenstat
Chief Product Officer at Tableau
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