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Analyze And Explain Data With Natural Language

Natural language is both an alternative and enhancement to visualizations; in some cases, it’s valuable to lead with narrative and use visualizations as a supplement. Natural language explains data with clear, unambiguous text, making insights easier to grasp and act upon.

Wordsmith, the world’s most powerful natural language generation solution, enables data experts to deliver reporting that is tailored for each level of the management chain, from executive to individual contributor.

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Additional Resources

NLG Matchup: Generic Chart Explainers​ vs. Custom Narrative

We have seen that there are two prevailing schools of thought as to how NLG should be integrated with BI tools: generic chart explainers vs. custom narrative.

Wordsmith + MicroStrategy Partner to Bring Real-Time Narrative Explanations to MicroStrategy Dashboards

With the addition of Wordsmith’s NLG to the MicroStrategy Platform, written narratives and visualizations are placed side-by-side within a user’s dashboard.

Wordsmith Takes First Place in Tableau Conference Hackathon

We built a Tableau viz that put Wordsmith's NLG to work with the Amazon Echo, providing real-time narration of election results for the Tableau Conference Hackathon.