White Papers

Discover how natural language solutions fit into your business goals.

Incorporating NLG into Your Business Intelligence Strategy

How NLG can transform your company into a data-driven organization.

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Closing the Gap Between Data Analysis and Decision Makers

Why pairing the data expertise of analysts with the right technology is critical.

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Dispelling the Market's Biggest Myths on NLG

Answers to some of the most common questions and misconceptions about NLG.

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How to Fast Track Your Data Literacy Efforts

NLG empowers you to be data literate without having to be a data expert.

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Leveraging NLG in the Financial Services Industry

Regulatory reporting. Risk analysis. Portfolio Management. Understand your data with NLG.

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How to Scale Your Ecommerce Engine with NLG

Automation—from your inventory systems to in-app messaging—is how you scale your business.

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Automating Real Estate Listings, Market Reports, and More

The ever-growing volume of real estate data is a perfect fit for NLG.

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AP Report: News Automation and NLG Increases Trading

A recent study by researchers focusing on the impact NLG has on financial markets.

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