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Charting a course for natural language generation

From company vision and market approach, to value positioning and product development, hear from our leadership team how Automated Insights and NLG fit in the business intelligence landscape.

Company Vision
"These days, if you just get a quarterly report or a monthly report, you're kind of looking in the rear view mirror."

– Marc Zionts, CEO

Market Approach
"People don't necessarily consume data in the same way. NLG becomes critical because the analyst can scale their expertise."

– Adam Smith, COO

Value Positioning
"Natural language generation is in a transformation of something that's very nice to have, to a key requirement of any organization."

– Kevin Fitzgerald, CRO

Product Development
"It's really important when we build products to fit in with the rest of the BI ecosystem, which is all about empowering data analysts."

– Adam Long, VP of Product

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