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Wordsmith is the world’s only self-service natural language generation engine. Our public API makes it easy for data professionals to automate clear, written explanations of their Tableau visualizations. It’s like having an expert speak directly to every user, telling them what the data means and what they should do about it. And, best of all, the narrative updates in real time as the user explores the visualization.

Automated Insights' new NLG integration debuts at TC17

Automated Insights brings the first instance of NLG delivered directly within a Tableau dashboard. By automating analysis and providing context within dashboards, see how NVIDIA expands the reach of their best data analysts across their organization by integrating NLG and Tableau's new Extensions API.

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Wordsmith automatically explains what’s happening and why it matters for a NYC-based charity, using their company voice and language.
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Home Buyer's Guide

Wordsmith instantly provides key real estate insights, like where to look, best month to buy and more for the largest cities in the US.
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Superstore - Shipping

Wordsmith produces automated written explanations side-by-side with this Tableau Superstore visualization in real time.
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Superstore - YTD Sales

Wordsmith produces easy-to-understand explanations for this Tableau Superstore visualization, providing deeper context on year-to-date sales.
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Customize the explanations to focus on what your team needs to know.

Wordsmith is fully customizable, so Tableau users have complete control over the narrative insights they deliver. Now, your data experts can design templates that deliver the exact insights your employees need to know.

Since Wordsmith narratives include the expertise of your team, you get specific cause-and-effect understanding of all charts in a complex dashboard using the language and terms your company uses every day. Get A Demo »

Wordsmith Revolutionizes Tableau Viz with Voice-Assisted Analytics

See how Wordsmith and the Amazon Echo teamed up to narrate a Tableau visualization in real-time. Read more about our winning hackathon project.

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Tableau + Wordsmith, Automatically Explain Any Dashboard

Make Decisions Faster

Help any user understand what they need to know. Tell them in plain English what’s happening in the data.

Public API

Create content in real time at any scale. Wordsmith has the only public Natural Language Generation API.

You Have Control

Customize descriptions of any visualization with your own style, tone, and industry-specific language.

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The natural language capabilities of Wordsmith will be a fantastic addition to our dashboards. It will allow us to get more people using data to make more decisions by cutting to the chase and telling people what they need to know...rather than relying on them to work it out by interpreting charts.
David Boyle
Executive Vice President Insight, BBC Worldwide
Tableau + Wordsmith

Let’s Build Something Powerful Together

Start adding dynamic commentary with your Tableau dashboards right now with Wordsmith, or let us build your solution for you.

Our managed services team helps some of the largest companies in the world create billions of pieces of content each year. Have a Tableau dashboard you want us to automate insights for? Our team of data scientists can build an automated commentary of your Tableau visualizations or dashboards for you in no time.

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