An Automated Expert For Every Visualization

By using Wordsmith’s powerful natural language generation and Zapier together, you can now write content that uses data from virtually any cloud data source. Then, publish Wordsmith’s content to dozens of platforms, from emails to WordPress to chatbots.

Salesforce + Gmail

Send your sales reps a summary of each new lead or opportunity in Salesforce.

Quickbooks + Gmail

Create personalized receipts for QuickBooks sales and email them to customers.

Google Sheets + Shopify

Turn new Google Sheets rows into product descriptions and add products to Shopify.

MapMyFitnes + Twitter

Personalize new MapMyFitness workout recaps with Wordsmith and tweet them.

Google Forms + Gmail

Reply to new Google Forms respondents with narratives created by Wordsmith.

The Smartest Slack Chatbots Around

Equip your chatbots with the advanced logic and intelligence of Wordsmith’s natural language generation. We’ve made bots that relay your stock updates with personal financial advice, forecast the weather in your area, and even an HR bot that dishes out fun facts about new company hires.

Generate Product Descriptions For All Your Shopify Listings

Until now, there hasn’t been a cost-effective way to write the thousands of product descriptions needed for your site. Let Wordsmith and Zapier do the hard work and build your online store with product descriptions that write and update themselves. Sit back, relax, and watch your store scale like never before.

Setting Up Your Wordsmith Zaps

Schedule your personal demo and see how easy it is to start Zapping with Wordsmith.
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Respond To Customers With Personalized Outreach

When someone submits a form through Google Forms, Formstack, Wufoo, or Survey Monkey, get Wordsmith to automatically create a story from their submission. Take it to the next level and email the Wordsmith content so that every email delivered has its own custom, tailored message.

Get Wordsmith To Create And Add Notes To Salesforce

Monitor and report sales performance in Salesforce with Wordsmith’s natural language. Let Wordsmith take care of the tedious tasks in your workflow so you can stay up to date on all the activity of your leads, prospects, and existing clients.

Trusted By The Best

Active Network. Yahoo! Sports. Greatcall. Cisco.
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Yes, We Can Definitely Build That For You

Have a dashboard you want us to automate insights for? Our managed services team can build automated commentary for your Spotfire® dashboards in no time. We’ve built narratives for some of the largest companies in the world, creating billions of pieces of content via the cloud and on premises each year.

Start adding Wordsmith’s natural language generation in Spotfire® today!

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