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Using our natural language generation technology, Tableau partners can help you expand data analysis to every seat of your organization that maximizes the investment of your Tableau deployments.

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Tableau partners

Together, we’re making natural language generation a must-have for all BI deployments.

Icimo teams up with Automated Insights to boost Tableau viewership and engagement for Allstate

Allstate uses natural language generation to support over 10,000 agents, 250 field sales leaders, 40 territory sales leaders, all spread across 14 regional markets—directly in Tableau.

“The future of analytics is in data-backed storytelling – going beyond the metrics, describing a compelling trend or event, and adding reasoning and evidence.”

Amer Numan
Principal of Data and Analytics at Slalom

“Forming a partnership with Automated Insights makes perfect sense, as Icimo and Ai share core values of making data more accessible, interactive, and simple to understand for clients.”

Bryce Gartner
CEO of Icimo

“Language augmentation provides a totally new dimension for advancing visual analytics.”

Cale Berkley
Chief Solutions Officer at Decisive Data

The current state of natural language generation

Decisive Data details how NLG currently fits in the business intelligence space and shares insight into where it’s heading.

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