Wordsmith for Qlik

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Discover insights from your data by combining Qlik’s innovative visualizations with automated analysis using natural language generation to start making better, faster decisions.

Analyze and explain data with natural language

Natural language explains data with clear, unambiguous text, making insights easier to grasp and act upon.

Provide expert analysis for every dashboard user

Executives, regional managers, sales reps—all different positions that need different insights. Deliver written analytics directly inside your Qlik dashboards that are completely unique and relevant to their role and responsibilities.

Empower your decisions with NLG
Create prescriptive insights that provide personal understanding and drive action.
Produce insights that instantly update as users explore their Qlik dashboards.
Generate easy-to-understand insights that are presented in clear, natural language.
Partnering with the best

Leverage our partner network to build a custom NLG solution that empowers your entire organization to make data-driven decisions.