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Wordsmith Integrations

Bring the power of Wordsmith's natural language generation to the tools you use every day.

Amazon Alexa

Integrate conversational natural language with Amazon Alexa skills.


Automatically explain your visualizations with custom text in real-time.


Start adding dynamic commentary with your MicroStrategy dashboards.


Create commentary directly in your Spotfire dashboards that explains your data.

Microsoft Excel

Build reports that update automatically when the data in your spreadsheet changes.

Google Sheets

Create clear, actionable text and instantly explain charts inside your spreadsheets.


Use natural language generation with hundreds of apps. No coding required.


Automatically create product descriptions for your listings with Wordsmith + Zapier.


Equip your Slack chatbots with custom, intelligent text with Wordsmith + Zapier.


Automatically create and add information to Salesforce with Wordsmith + Zapier.


Generate tweets in real-time with your company's own style and tone with Wordsmith + Zapier.


Generate emails that have custom content for every single customer with Wordsmith + Zapier.

Become an Automated Insights Partner

Automated Insights and our partners strive to create a new generation of Wordsmith-powered applications that personally communicate in the way everyone understands: the written word. Take advantage of revolutionary solutions using Wordsmith's natural language generation.

Wordsmith's API makes it easy to generate thousands of narratives, reports, and articles in the time it takes to write just one.

Automated Insights Partner Program

Become an Automated Insights Partner and join other industry-leading companies like Tableau, Microsoft, Cisco, Zapier, and the Associated Press that leverage Wordsmith's natural language generation.

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