Macrocomm enables smarter city management and faster decision-making with comprehensive data storytelling.

The challenge

Within their Utilities division, Macrocomm produces revenue management reports for smart cities. Smart cities are urban areas which use information and communication technologies to improve government operations and citizen welfare. As one can imagine, massive amounts of data–sometimes connected, but oftentimes not–underlie municipal utilities. But beyond that, the real challenge is the ability to derive actionable insights from all this information.

Managing Director, Vinny Perumal states “The key to achieving smart cities is the ability to analyze realtime data and then drive action by the appropriate public sector team within the city. A truly smart city uses technology to promote better decision-making for city officials.”

After spending days manually compiling revenue and cost data, Macrocomm consultants were sending these time-intensive reports to city engineers, municipal chief financial officers and mayors to make data-driven decisions.

The solution

To improve speed to insight, Macrocomm first worked with Genware to build an analytics platform—Eureka. “Genware contributed their expert knowledge in Advanced Analytics and NLG to improve our solution design with a forward thinking pragmatic approach,” adds Perumal. Using TIBCO Spotfire, Eureka consolidates data from various operational systems and provides customers with critical revenue management information using data visualizations. Realizing the value of Eureka, Macrocomm continued to build their analytical capabilities with Wordsmith’s NLG technology. By automatically transforming data into written analytics, Wordsmith adds value to dashboards and reports by providing the context data consumers need to make informed decisions based on their data in an instant. “By adding narratives to Eureka we are able to produce summary findings in multiple languages that can be shared with stakeholders at a speed and scale not previously possible,” Perumal shares.

Automated Insights’ Wordsmith is like having an expert data analyst, helping our customers make informed decisions quicker than ever before.

Vinny Perumal
Managing Director at Macrocomm
The impact

The use of NLG technology in Macrocomm’s Advanced Analytics solutions enables municipal stakeholders to gain visibility, recognize revenue collection problem areas, and subsequently fix them proactively. According to Perumal, “The accuracy of the insights and the structure of the narrative provides professional and well-written reports that suggest decision options for optimizing financial results.”

By automating data analysis with written context from Wordsmith, municipalities are able to track the immediate costs and benefits in real-time and better manage revenue for utilities. “Our consultants have more time to focus on remedial actions generated from the insights and spend their time in an advisory role to the municipality,” Perumal adds. Macrocomm’s success with Advanced Analytics and NLG technology demonstrates smart cities are not just smarter things, but smarter decisions.

We team up with the best to make understanding your data as easy as possible.
TIBCO Spotfire

TIBCO Spotfire is a smart, secure, governed, enterprise-class analytics platform with built-in data wrangling that delivers AI-driven, visual, geo, and streaming analytics.

Genware Computer Systems

As a systems integrator for TIBCO and Automated Insights, Genware enables clients to make better business decisions with Intuitive data visualizations and predictive analytics, reporting and dashboards, and streaming analytics combining real-time connectivity with analytical insights.

Automated Insights

From enhancing business intelligence dashboards and internal performance reports to targeted content on an unprecedented scale, Automated Insights uses clear, natural language to make sense of the world’s data.

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