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Wordsmith for Business Intelligence

Analyze and explain dashboards in natural language.

Automate BI reports with Wordsmith.

BI reports don’t have to be tedious. Automate them. Scale data expertise with Wordsmith and let your data scientists focus their skills elsewhere. Produce natural language narratives that understand your business, explain what you need to know, using the terms you use internally.

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Wordsmith + Amazon Alexa winning integration at Tableau Conference.

Voice-assisted analytics powered by Wordsmith's NLG.

Control complex dashboards with your voice and get a live analysis of the incoming data in spoken form from the Amazon Echo or any other voice-assistant device.

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Let Wordsmith become your personal data expert.

Complex dashboards only show a glimpse. Get the whole picture in narrative form with Wordsmith natural language generation. It’s like an expert sitting down with each employee. Any user can get easy-to-understand summaries quickly to make confident decisions on the fly.

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Explore integrations with Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, and more »

Wordsmith works with the tools you use every day.

Tableau Software

Automatically explain your visualizations with custom text in real-time.


Bring automated written explanations directly to your data visualizations.


Create commentary directly in your Spotfire dashboards that explains your data.

Microsoft Excel

Build reports that update automatically when the data in your spreadsheet changes

Amazon Alexa

Integrate conversational natural language with Amazon Alexa skills.

Google Sheets

Create clear, actionable text and instantly explain charts inside your spreadsheets.

“The new developer APIs in Tableau 10 have made it possible for partners to extend the possibilities with Tableau. Automated Insights is bringing the power of NLG to Tableau, making data, charts and dashboards more accessible to more people and providing a faster path to insights for our customers.”

Francois Ajenstat, Chief Product Officer at Tableau

“Our teams need concise, actionable takeaways from the data in our Spotfire dashboards. TIBCO is the core of our reporting and we use Wordsmith's natural language to provide digestible information. Now, they can get personalized summaries telling them exactly what they need to know.”

Sasha Teska, Business Insights Manager at Constellation Brands Canada Inc.

"Typically, integrations have focused on what a user can say to Alexa, not what she can say back. With Wordsmith, we get human-sounding responses that naturally use different language each time."

Krijn van der Raadt, Vice President of IT and Software Development at GreatCall

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Automated Insights and our partners strive to create a new generation of Wordsmith-powered applications that personally communicate in the way everyone can understand: the written word. Take advantage of revolutionary solutions using Wordsmith's natural language generation. 

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Augment your best data scientist and scale expertise using NLG narratives that are a continuation of your team’s voice. Wordsmith provides a personal data scientist for employees, unleashing data from behind dashboards and visualizations.

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