Strategic alliances with system integrators, technology resellers, and third-party solutions providers enable us to expand the implementation and adoption of natural language generation across business intelligence platforms such as Tableau, MicroStrategy, TIBCO Spotfire, and more. Our partner network is able to provide more value to their clients by incorporating a contextual layer of written analytics throughout their platform or across an entire dashboard or data set that tells viewers exactly what their data means and action steps to take. Through this, enterprises are equipped with a better understanding of their data, leading to more confident and efficient decision-making.

As a systems integrator for TIBCO Spotfire and Automated Insights, Genware Computer Systems enables clients to make better business decisions with intuitive data visualization, predictive analytics, report and dashboard generation, and real-time analytics to create powerful connectivity with analytical insights. Genware Computer Systems works with clients to implement solutions that deliver the right information to the right individuals at the right time. They provide the tools and services required to help you to develop and implement the best solutions for your needs. With Wordsmith, Genware goes beyond fundamental business intelligence to uncover hidden insights and patterns, provides advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, content optimization, and real-time written analytics all side-by-side with your data visualizations.

Our partnership with Genware began in 2018 with developing a solution for Macrocomm, a leader for Smart Solutions in Southern Africa. Within their Utilities division, Macrocomm produces revenue management reports for smart cities, urban areas that use information and technology to improve government operations and citizen welfare. The driving force behind smart cities, and their ability to be smart, is the ability to leverage massive amounts of data. Macrocomm consultants were manually sending reports to city engineers, municipal chief financial officers, and mayors which proved to be retrospective and time intensive.

To improve speed to insight, Macrocomm first worked with Genware to build an analytics platform called Eureka. Using TIBCO Spotfire, Eureka consolidates data from various operational systems and provides customers with critical revenue management information using data visualizations. However, many officials still struggled with understanding the insights outlined in dashboards. Realizing the value of Eureka, Macrocomm continued to build their analytical capabilities with Wordsmith’s NLG technology. By automatically transforming data into written analytics, Wordsmith adds value to dashboards and reports by providing the context data consumers need to make informed decisions based on their data in an instant.

The use of NLG technology in Macrocomm’s Advanced Analytics solutions enables municipal stakeholders to gain visibility, recognize revenue collection problem areas, and subsequently fix them proactively. Municipalities are able to track the immediate costs and benefits and better manage revenue for utilities in both English and Afrikaans using the easiest mode of communication–the written word.

“Wordsmith is like having an expert data analyst helping our customers make informed decisions quicker than ever before.” – Vinny Perumal, Managing Director at Macrocomm

Since 2018, our work with Genware has only grown.

Most recently, Genware in partnership with Automated Insights’ Wordsmith, is working with Gary Alfonso in South Africa to drive adoption of natural language generation in the country through automating media.

Natural language generation is able to automate data-driven journalism, covering all key components of a story: who, what, when, where, and why. Automation frees journalists to cover the more qualitative aspects of journalism, the human connection pieces and the breaking news pieces. It empowers them to dive deeply into stories that drive our culture and our world. The automation of data-driven journalism enables media organizations to cover stories they were previously unable to staff at an unprecedented speed and scale to deliver fresh content to their readers.





“Seeing so many media organizations struggle with data, and getting journalists to create insights from it, you’re ending up with newsrooms with large volumes of people spending an inordinate amount of time creating narratives… NLG speeds up the process with 100% accuracy,” said Alfonso in a recent interview with The Media Online. He adds, “What we need to understand about data journalism is that the story is not a digital one, the story is always a human one. So people shouldn’t spend their time trying to create understanding out of digital information where repetitive information can be processed by automation. People should constantly be creating the understanding of the why because of human experiences.”

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