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Client Spotlight: Arterra Wines Canada

At Automated Insights, we work alongside companies that are truly pioneers of their respective industries. We’re thrilled to be able share how some these innovative organizations are using Wordsmith to evolve their daily operations. Today’s client spotlight is on a company that is as well known in its industry for its use of innovative technology as it is for the global brands that it provides: Arterra Wines Canada.

About Arterra Wines Canada

Arterra Wines Canada is the country’s leading producer and marketer of award-winning, globally recognizable,Canadian and imported wines. Arterra Wines Canada has grown and evolved to owning and distributing 100+ wine brands, including seven of the top 20 brands in Canada: Jackson-Triggs, Inniskillin, Sawmill Creek, Wallaroo Trail, Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi, Ruffino, and Kim Crawford.

Improving the Reporting Process

Arterra Wines Canada understands that the faster a company can derive insight from a dataset and apply it to a business decision, the more prepared and nimble it becomes when faced with challenges. The ability for team members from across the entirety of the organization to manage and interpret data in real time is critical. Partnering with Automated Insights allowed Arterra Wines Canada to do just that. According to Business Insights Manager, Sasha Teska, adding Wordsmith to their TIBCO Spotfire dashboards “has opened up worlds of time for our data teams.  We can have up to 40 or 50 team members seeking answers from a dashboard at any time. Whether they’re from Marketing and Sales or the Business Intelligence team, Wordsmith allows every user to dissect the information and obtain the answers they’re seeking at the press of a button.”

Wordsmith allows every user to dissect the information and obtain the answers they’re seeking at the press of a button.

Sasha Teska
Business Insights Manager

Changing the Conversation

Arterra Wines Canada knows that speed alone is not enough for a company whose critical decisions rely on data. To ensure the company is getting the most from its data, they’ve successfully enabled team members with the ability to extract valuable insight that is pertinent to their specific business center. Teska noted, “Wordsmith is shifting behaviors and conversations from ‘I think’ to ‘I know.’ Instead of asking ‘What is happening,’ our teams have evolved to ‘What are we going to do about it?'”

To learn about the details of how Arterra Wines Canada has transformed the way they utilize data, visit their case study here.

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