Over 15K data rockstars will flock to New Orleans for the 2018 Tableau Conference to find inspiration, collaborate with others, learn about the latest trends, and discover innovative ways to use Tableau.

Without a doubt, there will be plenty to ooh and aah about at TC18, so we thought it’d be helpful to round up all the different ways you can experience a rapidly growing technology that made its way on Tableau’s just-released 2019 Business Intelligence Trends. We’re talking, of course, about the power of natural language generation (NLG).

Here’s how NLG fits into the TC18 mix:

1. Automated Insights Booth 317

The first stop on your NLG itinerary should be at the Automated Insights booth – #317. We’ll be in the Data Village for the entire duration of the conference to answer your questions, show off our brand new Tableau Extension for 2018.2, give you some sneaks of what’s to come, and dish out daily giveaways and swag.

2. Allstate + NLG = Main Event Session

Want to see NLG in the wild? Find out how Allstate uses NLG to deliver custom insights to over 10K sales representatives and field agents directly in Tableau. Learn more about the breakout session here and be sure to tune in for the live stream on Wednesday (10/24) if you can’t make it to NOLA.

3. Six Degrees of NLG Separation

Walk around TC18 and you’ll inevitably bump into someone who is one of our certified NLG technology users or partners implementing an NLG solution. The rapid emergence of NLG in the business intelligence field is made possible from our amazing teammates like Decisive Data, InterWorks, USEReady, and Icimo. They’ll all be attending TC18 with NLG demos of their own, so stop by their booths and see what they’re working on.

4. You did what with NLG?!

“You will laugh, you will cry, and most of all you will be inspired by what is possible with the extensions API.” How can you turn that session down? Check out the ‘You did WHAT with the extensions API!?’ breakout session where we’ll be showcasing the magical possibilities of natural language and Tableau’s extensions API.


Enough from us. We want to hear from you. Follow @AInsights on Twitter and use the hashtag #NLGinNOLA all week to let us know about your NLG + Tableau hopes and dreams. Oh, and to be the first to know when it’s giveaway time!