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Automated Insights + Amazon Alexa

Integrating Wordsmith's natural language generation with Alexa skills.

Automated Insights and Wordsmith, bring conversational natural language to Amazon Alexa skills.

Automated Insights and Amazon bring you the first Alexa hackathon focusing on natural language generation (NLG). Teams from around the country like The Associated Press, Lincoln Financial Group, NASDAQ, PowerSchool, TIBCO, TicketMaster, and more gathered at the Automated Insights + Amazon Hackathon to teach Alexa to speak in a whole new way.

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Participating Companies

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2017 Alexa + Wordsmith Hackathon Recap

Omnitracs Takes Home 1st Place

Omnitracs took home the inaugural hackathon trophy by showing how trucking managers can ask Alexa about the performance of their fleet of drivers. Other cutting-edge Wordsmith and Alexa integrations from the event included soccer analysis, reports on family members' well-being, children’s academic status, and client preparation for financial advisors.

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See how Wordsmith can power your Amazon Alexa and other voice-assistant devices.

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Automated Insights and our partners, along with the Amazon Alexa team will be hosting some additional events later this year in cities across the country. Interested in one of our upcoming NLG hackathons? Contact us »

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