Turn your data into clear natural language

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Automated Insights is the creator of Wordsmith, a self-service natural language generation platform.

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What is natural language generation?

Natural language generation (NLG) is a technology that transforms data into clear, human-sounding narratives—for any industry and application.

Teaming up with the best

How organizations are using natural language generation

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Generating thousands of quarterly earnings reports and sports articles.

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Producing millions of weekly—completely unique—fantasy football reports.

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Wehkamp uses Wordsmith to automate the product descriptions and listings for over 300,000 unique products.

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There’s no way Allstate could produce what we’re doing today having analysts spend time manually writing reports. We thought Wordsmith was a novel idea and wanted to jump on it.

Ryan Dunn,
Director, Allstate

We couldn’t be happier. When you look at the 170-year history of a company like the Associated Press, part of its success has been adapting and innovating in new media formats. . . We see this as part of that history.

Lou Ferrara,
Former VP, Associated Press
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