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Automated Insights' patented Wordsmith platform writes insightful, personalized reports from your data. It's like an expert talking with each user in plain English.
Financial Data becomes financial narrative. Device data becomes a narrative Fantasy football data becomes a narrative

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Introducing Wordsmith

How You Can Use Wordsmith

The Wordsmith platform uses artificial intelligence to transform raw data into actionable stories and insights. Using natural language generation, Wordsmith creates content with the tone, personality and variability of a human writer. Wordsmith dynamically spots patterns and trends in the data, producing compelling content personalized for each user among millions.

For the first time, you can communicate with employees about their performance, or users about their data, in the format everyone understands: the written word.

Marketing Reports

Automatically summarize marketing performance.

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Business Intelligence

Create reports that explain performance to all levels of the business.

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Personalized Content

Engage users with unique insights found in their data.

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You can use Wordsmith in any industry. Check out some other applications of the platform.

Wordsmith's Scale

1 billion stories

written last year

2,000 stories

speed of production per second

1 among millions

audience for each personalized story

100+ report types

created with the platform

500K Tweets

created every year by the platform

2,000 mobile apps

powered by the platform

Dashboards Aren't the Answer

Dashboards, infographics, and charts don’t provide insights. They require interpretation expertise to understand. They leave users struggling to find out what happened and what they should do about it.

The Wordsmith platform delivers easy-to-understand text insights, so users can read what they need to know and what actions to take. Communicate like a human, but at a scale that no humans can match.

Download our whitepaper on natural language generation to learn more about why narrative is better than complex dashboards.

Wordsmith for Marketing

Automated client reports for digital marketing agencies

Wordsmith for Marketing is the first application that runs on the Wordsmith platform. It automatically turns analytics data into robust client reports, so marketing agencies can handle more clients and serve them better.

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“. . . the best thing to happen to journalists in a long time.”
“It's not just that Automated Insights has managed to replace human writers—it's managed to surpass them.”

“. . . expect to see more stories written for a very particular audience: you, and you alone.”

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