A platform for automated, personalized writing.

Automated Insights’ patented Wordsmith platform transforms Big Data into narrative reports by spotting patterns, correlations and key insights in the data and then describing them in plain English, just like a human would. Using the Wordsmith natural language generation engine, companies can personalize content in real-time, via any screen. Wordsmith lets you write individual stories for each user among millions — driving retention, engagement, and revenue. See how Wordsmith works for our clients by reading our case studies.

Reach every level of the organization with an actionable explanation of performance

Automated Insights' Wordsmith platform creates targeted reports for each tier of the company, from executive to individual contributor. Your reports will present clear analysis, not just charts and tables. All completely automated by software, as often as you need.

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Engage your users with automated, personalized communications

The old media model is creating one piece of content that appeals to millions. In the new model, enabled by Automated Insights' Wordsmith, you create millions of articles, each personalized with an individual's data and delivered in the tone and on the screen they prefer.

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Create client reports that prove your marketing agency's ROI, automatically

Wordsmith for Marketing creates white-labeled reports for marketing agencies that explain ROI in plain English. Wordsmith for Marketing reduces the time spent on reporting and frees up resources to handle more clients.

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How Wordsmith Works

Wordsmith turns structured data into written analysis in three steps:

1. Analyzes Big Data

Wordsmith finds trends, correlations, and anomalies in big datasets, in the cloud or on-premise.

2. Identifies Insights

Wordsmith's artificial intelligence filters the insights that the audience cares about most.

3. Writes Report

Wordsmith then turns the insights into simple, plain English reports that anyone can understand.