Wordsmith Beta Software Program

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Test drive the latest Wordsmith software and NLG technology, provide user feedback, and help shape the future of augmented analytics and business intelligence.

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Program details
Beta participants

The Wordsmith Beta Software Program is open to both technical data analysts and business end-users of business intelligence deployments, as well as anyone with a passion for innovative solutions that drive better decision-making with data.

Software requirements

Participants will be given access to our new Wordsmith solutions and beta products to use throughout the duration of the Wordsmith Beta Software Program. Depending on the specific beta period, participants may be required to have access to BI tools, such as Tableau or MicroStrategy.

Participant feedback

Participants will have the chance to submit feedback during various stages of the Wordsmith Beta Software Program, helping us focus on useful features, identify problems, and improve our software. Opportunities for feedback will be made available through emails, surveys, phone calls, and video conferencing.

Terms and conditions

Beta software tested through the Wordsmith Beta Software Program is confidential information and proprietary of Automated Insights. All participants will need to accept the Terms and Privacy Policy upon entering the beta program.