Systems of Insight - Next Generation BI

Most modern enterprises are data-driven — they make many key business decisions based on the numbers and facts. But being data-driven does not necessarily mean insights-driven.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Key differences between data-driven and insights-driven enterprises
  • The role agile BI plays in moving organizations closer to insights-driven
  • The role AI plays in closing major gaps in earlier generation BI platforms
  • How cognitive technologies such as NLP and NLG can help improve human-to-machine interaction and significantly boost your current BI capabilities
About the Speakers
Boris Evelson

VP and Principal Analyst, Forrester
Boris serves the Application Development & Delivery role. He is a leading expert in business intelligence (BI) — a set of processes, methodologies, and technologies used to transform raw data into meaningful, useful, and action-oriented enterprise information.

Adam Long

VP of Product Management, Automated Insights
Adam Long manages the product and engineering teams at Automated Insights, including the flagship Wordsmith platform. Wordsmith is the leader in natural language generation software, which automatically turns structured data into written insights.

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