Enhancing BI Dashboards with NLG

Natural language generation (NLG) technology enables business users to get automated narratives that extract key insights from visualizations, updating in real-time as they explore their dashboards.

Learn about role-based personalization of dashboards with NLG and how the technology enables standardization of data interpretation that both reduces time to insight and improves decision-making.

About the Speakers
Adam Smith

Chief Operating Officer, Automated Insights
Adam is responsible for the strategy, business activities and operational areas of Ai’s business, including partnerships, the Wordsmith platform, new products, and professional service implementations. In addition to product ideation and go-to-market strategy, he runs operations and marketing for Ai. He was the company’s first business hire and an advisor to the company since its founding.

John Hegele

Director of Integrations, Automated Insights
John Hegele leads the Integrations Team at Automated Insights. He is responsible for integrating Automated Insights’ Wordsmith natural language generation (NLG) platform with tools and products ranging from Business Intelligence software and spreadsheets, to the Amazon Alexa API.

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