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Together with our partners, we enable companies to communicate, scale, and discover insights using natural language generation.

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We believe that natural language generation (NLG) can make sense of the world’s data in a way no other technology can. We partner with industry-leading technology companies, platforms, resellers, and system integrators to help unlock the hidden insights within our shared clients’ data.

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TIBCO Software

TIBCO Software takes businesses to their digital destinations by interconnecting everything in real time and providing augmented intelligence for everyone, from business users to data scientists. This combination delivers faster answers, better decisions, and smarter actions. For nearly 20 years, thousands of businesses around the globe have relied on TIBCO technology to differentiate themselves through compelling customer experiences, optimized assets, and innovative new business models.

Wordsmith + TIBCO
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Tableau Software

Tableau Software helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. More than 57,000 customer accounts get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. Over 300,000 people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites.

Wordsmith + Tableau
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MicroStrategy is a worldwide leader in enterprise analytics and mobility software. A pioneer in the BI and analytics space, MicroStrategy delivers innovative software that empowers people to make better decisions and transform the way they do business. We provide our enterprise customers with world-class software and expert services so they can deploy unique intelligence applications.

Wordsmith + MicroStrategy
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Amazon - Alexa Skills

Alexa is Amazon’s voice service and the brain behind millions of devices like the Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, and Echo Show. Alexa provides capabilities, or skills, that enable customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way using voice.

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Modev is a community of more than 25,000 software developers and executives seeking to keep pace with technology and industry transformation. They organize communities and events where there is a need to bring the right people and technologies together to advance as individuals and organizations.

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Zapier is a tool that allows your customers to connect apps they use every day to automate tasks and save time. With Zapier's library of over 750+ connected apps, your customers can connect your tool to their other business apps to create their own automated workflows.

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Analysis Factory

Analysis Factory provides end-to-end business intelligence development services: from visualization of key business processes to prototype design to final development and rollout. Our multi-national team wields the tools of data visualization and predictive analytics, including Tableau and Wordsmith integration, to build powerful analytics solutions — solutions delivering clear insights that can truly transform the future of your business.

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Genware Computer Systems

At Genware Computer Systems we work with our clients to implement solutions that deliver the right information to the right people at the right time. We are adaptive to your needs, will provide you with the tools and services required, and help you to develop and implement solutions that enable you to make better business decisions.

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Icimo is a results-driven business intelligence firm delivering both technology and strategic services to clients. By combining technology and marketing expertise, Icimo helps clients be enlightened by their data - not limited by it.

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Kleer Data

We are a humanized data company. We provide customized data services and solutions that anticipate and satisfy human needs, and in doing so create a more natural connection between data and human. From stunning and intuitive visualizations to data story-telling, we strive to strengthen the productivity and success of the organization by humanizing your data experience.

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Point Focal

Point Focal specializes in visual analytics for financial services firms. We deploy fully operational solutions spanning research, compliance, risk, portfolio construction and trade execution. Our deep expertise in BI and financial technology helps businesses monetize their data.

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The Automated Insights partner network helps generate over 1.5 billion narratives every year, providing solutions for over 50 industries.

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