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July 2016

Written out of the story: the robots capable of making the news
The Guardian
AP Sports is using “robot” reporters to cover Minor League Baseball
The robots invaded journalism, but do not worry: it’s okay [PORTUGUESE]
AP’s ‘robot journalists’ are writing about Minor League Baseball now
The Verge
Associated Press expands sports coverage with stories written by machines
Associated Press to use automation for minor league baseball stories
Sports Illustrated
Associated Press to expand its sports coverage by using AI to write Minor League Baseball articles
International Business Times
Minor League Baseball Games Now Being Covered By Robot Reporters
AP expands minor league baseball coverage with Durham firm
The Herald-Sun
Minor League Baseball reports by the Associated Press are written by machines

June 2016

Computers are going to start writing about minor league baseball
The AP’s New Baseball Reporter Is Not Human
Can You Tell Which One of These Baseball Stories Was Written By a Robot?
AP now automates news for most minor league baseball games
The Associated Press Will Automate Minor League Coverage
The Associated Press will use automated writing to cover the minor leagues
The Associated Press is using AI to write Minor League Baseball articles
Daily Mail
MLBAM, AP Partner With AI Firm For Automated Minor League Stories
SportsBusiness Daily
The Associated Press Will Automate Minor League Coverage
Associated Press to utilize Automated Insights robotic software to cover Minor League Baseball
AP’s stories on minor league games are computer generated
The News & Observer
Man v machine: can computers cook, write and paint better than us?
The Guardian
Welcome to the Age of Personalization
Someday, this story may be written by a computer
Marketing Land
Interview: Wordsmith’s creator on content automation
Technology for Marketing Insights
What’s New in ‘Robot Journalism’? A Q&A with Automated Insights
How Artificial Intelligence Has Crept Into Our Everyday Lives
the institute: The IEEE new source

May 2016

Automated Insights’ free Excel plugin turns your charts into reports on-the-fly
The Next Web
Automated Insights’ Wordsmith software now works with spreadsheets
News & Observer
My battle to prove I write better than an AI robot called ‘Emma’
Financial Times
Business briefs: Automated Insights unveils Excel, Google links
The Herald-Sun
Automated Insights: Adding a robot data scientist right into your spreadsheet

April 2016

15 Game-Changing Artificial Intelligence Startups
AI is already making inroads into journalism but could it win a Pulitzer?
The Guardian

March 2016

How to Automate Your Job and Never Work Again
Triangle Startups Join the Obamas at SXSW
Samsung Emerges as One of Four Largest Investors in Global AI Market
Business Korea
Startup Marketing Q+A: Kieran Wilson on Mastering Marketo and Salesforce at Automated Insights
Seven ways artificial intelligence can be used for marketing

February 2016

Robots will force experts to find other routes to the top
Financial Times
Embrace Robots? Retrain Workers? Recruit Differently? How Will NC Prep for Future of Work?
E-Commerce Marketing and SEO in 2016: Key Trends
Elementary Digital
Robo-Lawyers, Farmers, Docs: Our Future on Autopilot
Discovery News
Stay Ahead of the Competition With These 6 Content-Marketing Trends

January 2016

We Asked a Robot to Write an Obit for AI Pioneer Marvin Minsky
Robots may soon steal your job and that’s a good thing
The Next Web
Robotjournalistiek: opmaat naar algorithm economy
Emerce (Dutch)
AI-leverantör: 2018 skrivs var femte text av robotar
NyTeknik (Swedish)

December 2015

Automated Analysis: The Case for Using Robots in Intelligence Analysis
Studies in Intelligence
How to Cheat at Ecommerce
A Better Lemonade Stand
The End of Work?
The New York Times
5 Ecommerce Content Marketing Trends for 2016
Practical Ecommerce
20 Ecommerce Trends to Expect in 2016
Metrilo Blog

November 2015

Preparing for the digitisation of the workforce
The Economist Intelligence Unit
Robbie Allen of Automated Insights named “Tech Exec of the Year”
News and Observer
The Listening Post segment
Al Jazerra
How Successful Startups Are Scaling Up
Should writers be worried about automated copywriting?
Wordsmith for Marketing: Using the Reporting API to automate agency client reports
Google Analytics Blog
164 – Automated Insights Chief Product Officer Joe Procopio
Taking the Charge Podcast
AP modernizes with robojournalism / Automated Insights opens Wordsmith to everyone
News and Tech
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October 2015

Hate Writing Listing Descriptions? This App Does It For You
This News-Writing Bot Is Now Free for Everyone
The company behind the AP”s ”robot journalists” is opening up its technology for everyone
The Verge
The AI that writes articles for you is now available for testing
The Next Web
2016’s new media frontier – Enter the robots
With new product, Automated Insights hopes to make ‘robot journalism’ cheaper and more plentiful
Wordsmith”s ”robot journalist” has been unleashed
Wired UK
This article was not written by a robot (but some news you read might be)
The Week
Robot journalist released in beta version
The Robo-Journalists Are Coming
I just wrote 7 blog posts in less than 3 seconds. Here’s the secret.
Automated Insights opens public beta for Associated Press, Yahoo technology
Triangle Business Journal
Automated Insights launches public access to Wordsmith
WRAL TechWire

September 2015

Automation in the Newsroom
Could Software Have Written This Story Better?

August 2015

How to Robot-Proof Your Journalism Career
6 Tips for Job Security in the Age of Automation
Tech Cocktail

July 2015

Can You Tell the Difference Between a Robot and a Stock Analyst?
Wall Street Journal
Die Schreib-Maschinen
brand eins
Your next coworker may be a robot, and that’s okay
Flip the Media
Schreibroboter stoßen in die Wall Street vor (German)
Frankfurter Allgemeine
Trends In Newsrooms – The rise of the robots
World News Publishing Focus
Spot the Bot
Media Watch

June 2015

Clear Storytelling Boosts Value of Analytics
Wall Street Journal
Robots write thousands of news stories a year, but not this one
3 Characteristics Solo Founders Need to Succeed
The Robots Will Not Take Over
Media into the automation! Machine reporter can write news (Taiwan)
Robots and the future of work
How this Artificial Intelligence CEO makes sure his daughter doesn’t become obsolete
New York Business Journal

May 2015

‘Robot writers’ adept at natural language generation, but they’re no Melville
An NPR Reporter Raced A Machine To Write A News Story.
Who Won?

Driverless Cars, AI, Robots – Why CIOs Should Care
Our Robot Writers Will Be Your Valued Colleagues
The Robots Are Coming – Now They”re Writing Baseball Game Recaps
Fast Company
AP expands its computer-written news program.
Should reporters be worried?

The Christian Science Monitor
Resistance is futile – AP to use computers to cover baseball games
Humans vs. Robots
NPR”s Planet Money
What Happens When An Algorithm Writes A Story? The Rise of Robo-Journalism
Oregon Public Broadcasting
The Media Show (segment starts 21:35)
RTE Radio 1
What Makes a Technology Innovator?
Wall Street Journal
People and Power – The Tech Threat
Al Jazeera English
AP’s Tom Kent – The time has arrived for robotics journalism ethical checklist
ASBPE Ethics News Updates

April 2015

Last Marketer Please Turn Out the Lights
Wall Street Journal
Automation Frees Us To Be Human
Law Technology Today

March 2015

The Sportswriting Machine
The New Yorker
At SXSW, a positive review from A.P. on robot-written news
Capital New York
SXSW 2015 – Robots, Algorithms Infiltrate The News Business, Selecting Stories And Writing Them
International Business Times
Rise of the Bot Author
Science Friday
If an Algorithm Wrote This, How Would You Even Know?
The New York Times
In The Future, Robots Will Write News That’s All About You
AP will use ”robot journalists” to expand its college sports coverage
The Verge
Today’s Close-Up – Automated Everything? Latent Strength of Artificial Intelligence (Japanese)
SCHNEIDEREIT – News flash – Living, breathing journalist writes headline!
The Chronicle Herald
Will robots place journalists? They already publish economic and sports articles. (Czech)
Czech Television – ČT24
STATS” Newly Acquired Startup Will Write Thousands of NCAA Game Stores for the AP
Chicago Inno
The Associated Press is automating college sports news, too
The AP Will Flood NCAA Coverage With Robot Reporting
The Daily Caller
Robots Are About To Write Your Sports Coverage
Huffington Post
AP will use software to write NCAA game stories
The Missing Piece Of Marketing Automation That Could Change Everything
Marketing Land

February 2015

How Might ”Robot Journalists” Affect Government?
Government Technology
Automated Insights, the guys with ‘robots’ writing stories, acquired by owner of Stats, LLC
Washington Post
Automated Insights, STATS combined – What it means for big data, narrative technology
NLG sector consolidates as STATS nabs Automated Insights
451 Research
Automated Insights, The Startup Behind The AP’s “Robot” News Writing, Gets Acquired By Vista
Private Equity Firm Vista Buying Automated Insights
Here’s more evidence that sports is a goldmine for machine learning
Another Triangle Exit – Automated Insights Gets Acquired
Automated Insights is acquired by Chicago-area statistics giant
Triangle Business Journal
Durham’s Automated Insights Gets Acquired
Tech Cocktail
Big Data Startup Automated Insights Acquired by Vista Equity
Automated Insights is acquired
News & Observer
Vista”s Stats to Acquire Venture-Backed Automated Insights
Dow Jones
Vista”s Stats to Acquire Venture-Backed Automated Insights
Crains Chicago Business
Automated Insights – Proof that Triangle”s entrepreneurial network delivers
WRAL TechWire
Automated Insights sold, to remain in Durham
The Durham Herald-Sun
Creative AI -Teaching computers to be reporters and storytellers
Why Robot? Automated journalism is no longer science fiction. It’s time to change what we call it.
Back to Back to the Future Part II
Marketplace Tech
Check out the awesome campus that is transforming Durham, North Carolina into a startup hub
Business Insider

January 2015

6 Months Later, AP”s Robot Journalism Is In Full Swing, And It”s Working
Huffington Post
Associated Press uses ”robots” to write articles
Chicago Sun-Times
America’s oldest news agency wrote 10X more articles by having robots do what reporters used to do
Business Insider
AP”s ”robot journalists” are writing their own stories now
The Verge
Associated Press looks to expand its automated stories program following successful launch
Washington Post
Robot-writing increased AP’s earnings stories by tenfold
Automated earnings stories multiply
Robot Revolution, veer to the future (starting around 20:00)
KBS News
The future of news
Intelligent Investor
Journalism skills and techniques to learn in 2015

More Videos + Media

Future of journalism
Fox 5 NYC
Automated Insights changing the Fantasy Football game
Elektrischer Reporter
Podcast Episode
The Opening Play
Writing the Future
EC Alumni
Welcome to the Conveyor Belt, Robots! (Finnish)
When an algorithm helps keep an eye on your grandparent
Washington Post
Durham tech company puts artificial intelligence spin on caregiving
Triangle Business Journal
Tech companies combine mobile health + artificial intelligence to track senior citizens
MedCity News
Roundtable – The innovation of content producing – man or machine? (CHINESE)
Die Journalistenroboter kommen (GERMAN)
Meet your new reporter
The Newspaper Works
Lӏre des robots journalistes (FRENCH)
Paris Match
Digital Publishing – Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Robot Journalists
Editor & Publisher
The algorithm that can make fantasy football even more fun
Washington Post
Why You Should Hire A Robot To Write For You
Fantasy football and the cold future of robot journalism
The Kernel
A Robot Is Grading Your Fantasy Football Draft And Is Being Pretty Brutal About It
Business Insider
Vexed in the city – San Francisco strife spurs tech defectors elsewhere
Rise of the Robot Journalist
Delayed Gratification
Automated Insights Wants To Personalize Native Advertising
Humans Have Officially Begun Handing Off Reporting Duties To Robots
Business Insider
AP’s robot-written stories have arrived
The Prose of the Machines
Robots Are Invading the News Business and It’s Great for Journalists
New York Magazine
How to teach a robot to write
The Verge
Automation or Augmentation for Business Reporters?
Wall Street Journal
The AP is running news pieces written by a machine. See if you can tell the difference.
Washington Post
Who”s Afraid of Robot Journalists?
Should We Be Afraid Or Excited About Robot Journalism?
Huffington Post
Associated Press taps story-writing software
Fox News
Robots Go To Journalism School
Beyond the Book Podcast
Bring On The Blogging Robots
This Is What A News Story Written By Robots Looks Like
Business Insider
AP on robot reporters – ‘I can’t have journalists spending a ton of time data processing’
Need to Write 5 Million Stories a Week? Robot Reporters to the Rescue
The AP Is Using Robots To Write Earnings Reports
Why we should be celebrating the rise of robot journalism instead of criticizing it
The Associated Press welcomes its robot journalist overlords
AP to automate earnings stories
How robots will write earnings stories for the AP
USA Today
The A.P. Plans to Automate Quarterly Earnings Articles
The New York Times
The AP’s newest business reporter is an algorithm
Associated Press backs Automated Insights to automate earnings reports
Another News Outlet Is Using Robots To Write Stories
Huffington Post
$5.5M and The Associated Press – The Next Chapter of Automated Insights
Exit Event
A leap forward in quarterly earnings stories
Wordsmith for Marketing Transforms Big Data Into Readable Client Reports
The Agency Post
Innovators Report — 2013 Trends in North Carolina Entrepreneurship
Council for Entrepreneurial Development
Big Data Learns to Write
Eight Triangle startups to watch for a blockbuster exit
Triangle Business Journal
The State of Big Data in 2014 (chart)
This Billionaire Just Gave 10 Startups $100k Each on a Whim
Steve Case Announces $1M Investment in “Rise of the Rest” Companies
Steve Case makes a spur-of-the-moment million-dollar investment in 10 start-ups
Washington Post
‘Robot’ to write 1 billion stories in 2014 — but will you know it when you see it?
Computers are writing your news and you don”t even know it
The Daily Dot
Durham start-up looks to capitalize on automatic story writing software
The Durham Herald-Sun
Traction Gets Automated Insights and Windsor Circle to Google Demo Day
Exit Event
Two Triangle startups win face time with 100 Silicon Valley investors
Triangle Business Journal
Two Durham startups land spots in Google Entrepreneurs ”Demo Day”
WRAL TechWire
Enter the Robot Journalist – study of Ai vs Human content
Journalism Practice