How Note Builder Makes the World's Best NLG Platform Better
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Introducing Wordsmith Note Builder. Note Builder brings powerful NLQ technology to the world’s first public-facing NLG platform, Wordsmith.

Now available for Wordsmith BI users.

Let's talk data

Wordsmith Note Builder brings NLQ to Tableau, TIBCO Spotfire, Microstrategy, Power BI, and more! See why data-driven companies are turning to Wordsmith to improve their BI dashboards.

Powerful artificial intelligence makes writing impactful narratives easy

Wordsmith requires no coding knowledge, advanced math equations, or NLG experience to use. Our robust, yet simple and easy-to-use, Note Builder feature suggests insightful narratives created from your data.

Smart Suggestions that Work For You

Note Builder actively engages with you by scanning your data and providing suggestions that you will find most interesting and relevant.

Make Your Narrative Your Own

Integrated directly within our easy-to-use Wordsmith platform, Note Builder is completely customizable. It’s your story, tell it the way you want it told.

Narrative that Moves With You

By embedding Wordsmith within your BI dashboard, you can take your NLQ written narratives anywhere your NLG lives. Just like all of our Wordsmith generated content, Note Builder updates your written narrative in real-time alongside your dashboard.

How Does it Work?

Wordsmith has always been easy-to-use, but it just got easier. Note Builder scans your data and provides you with interesting and insightful data insights.

Natural Language Magic

Get Started Fast

Wordsmith Note Builder gets you started with quick and easily-digestible narratives drawn directly from your business intelligence data so you can leverage NLG faster than ever before.

Complement Your Data Insights

Use Note Builder as a starting point or as a compliment to your custom narratives

Note Builder uses powerful artificial intelligence to deliver written insights that are timely and relevant to your data or industry. Use these insights as a starting point, or supplement your custom written narratives.

Industry Agnostic Storytelling

Your Industry, Your Data Set, Your Story

Wordsmith’s Note Builder tool delivers the insight most relevant and useful to you, regardless of your industry. It’s your story, let us help you tell it.

How organizations are using natural language generation

Not sure if NLG is right for you? Check out our customer stories to learn about how some of the biggest brands are turning to Wordsmith for NLG.

NVIDIA uses natural language generation (NLG) and Tableau’s visual analytics to optimize internal reporting.

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Macrocomm generates automated, written analysis in their TIBCO Spotfire dashboards in both in English and Afrikaans.

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Wordsmith powers Merkle’s centralized analytics reporting platform, Archie.

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