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Wordsmith + TIBCO Partner to Bring Narrative Explanations to Spotfire Dashboards

We’re excited to share a new integration of Wordsmith, our natural language generation software, with Spotfire, TIBCO’s data visualization and analytics software.

TIBCO’s Spotfire software is a leader within the business intelligence marketplace, enabling companies and analytics professionals to uncover insights and make refined business decisions.

The addition of Wordsmith’s natural language generation to TIBCO’s analytics platform brings instant, written explanations side-by-side with Spotfire users’ dashboards. Now, Spotfire users can automatically enhance their visualizations as if they have a personal data expert on standby, explaining trends and key insights in clear, customizable language.

Tibco Finserv Wordsmith Example
The Wordsmith and Spotfire integration brings clear, responsive explanations to user dashboards.

The new integration between Spotfire and Wordsmith will allow analytics teams to optimize their efficiency by reducing time between dashboard interpretation and written reporting. By doing so, valued analysts will have more time for high value projects. Wordsmith can review multiple visualizations at once, deriving insights that can be customized to present the vital information executives care about most.

This combination of auto-generated natural language with Spotfire visual analytics provides immediate context and narratives on fresh insights. The end-user’s ability to obtain such context so simply, from within the Spotfire UI, is brand new to the industry.

Michael O'Connell
TIBCO Chief Analytics Officer

Constellation Brands Canada Inc., a market leader in the Canadian wine industry, needed an efficient way to highlight important trends and insights using natural language generation.

The combination of Wordsmith in conjunction with Spotfire data visualizations is now enabling Constellation Brands Canada to quickly generate written summaries of sales performance across regions and brands. Constellation also leverages the integration to create market reports that keep the company updated on successful initiatives, relative to industry competitors.

The partnership between Wordsmith and Spotfire highlights the importance of extracting real meaning from company data in the future of business intelligence analysis and reporting. Receive expert-level, written summaries on-demand by taking complex data and dashboards and putting them into natural language.

Our busy teams need concise, actionable takeaways from the data in our Spotfire dashboards. TIBCO is the core of our reporting and we use Wordsmith’s natural language to provide digestible information. Now, they can get personalized summaries telling them exactly what they need to know.

Sasha Teska
Business Insights Manager at Constellation Brands Canada Inc.

In today’s fast-paced world, where decisions have to be made rapidly, there simply isn’t time for delays caused by lengthy analysis. Wordsmith and Spotfire allow insights to be quickly discovered, analyzed, and shared in common language with anyone, anywhere.

For more information about additional Wordsmith integrations or to learn about how to become an Automated Insights partner, check out our integrations page. For a free Wordsmith/Spotfire demo, please download our Spotfire DXP file. *Only available for Spotfire Desktop.

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