Imagine gamers being able to get A.I.-powered game-play analysis by simply asking Amazon Alexa while trying to take down friends in one of the best-selling game franchises of all time.

Imagine having the advantage of a personal coach that could provide tips on how to improve on-the-fly and reveal what it would take to beat top competitors to earn rewards and bragging rights.

Imagine no more.

Automated Insights, a Stats Perform company and leader in powering detailed, data-driven decision making, has enhanced the experience of gaming with its free Alexa Skill. The feature uses machine learning and the Wordsmith Natural Language Generation (NLG) platform to break down and improve gameplay on Activision’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

According to Activision, Modern Warfare topped $600 million in sales in its first three days of release at the end of October, making it the highest-selling game in the Call of Duty franchise on this console generation. It surpassed 2015’s Black Ops 3 ($550 million), 2018’s Black Ops 4 ($500 million) and 2017’s Call of Duty: World War 2 ($500 million).

And the Alexa Skill has added another dimension to the immensely popular Call of Duty gaming experience. While the simplicity of the Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology in Siri, Alexa and Google Home limits the depth of answers, Automated Insights’ NLG capabilities allow for far more description to make responses truly sound human.

Using machine learning in the Wordsmith platform, the breakthrough model creates personalized recommendations about the game and an individual’s performance, as well as responses to 2,500 questions based on more than 20 different factors. It can also be used to check in on a friend’s group, compare stats between teams, and keep up with the latest game news, events and updates.

Amazon Alexa would never be able to be as detailed to the exact subject matter if it were not for Wordsmith powering the narratives in the background.