Last time we checked, that’s the number of APIs listed on the largest API directory on the web.

APIs (application programming interface) are commonplace and essential in almost all of today’s industries. If you want to have a successful digital strategy, you need to be incorporating APIs into your products and services. Yet, of the 18,609 APIs listed on ProgrammableWeb, how many APIs do you think are specifically for natural language generation (NLG)?


The one-and-only, Wordsmith API. It’s not that surprising too. Did you know that the Wordsmith API was the world’s first public API for NLG? Wordsmith uses a REST-based HTTP API that works for any programming language, allowing you to instantly generate content on a massive scale.

Wordsmith API

What makes the Wordsmith API so valuable?

Integrations + Integrations + Integrations
Creating the ideal Business Intelligence (BI) solution or user experience for customers means you have to seamlessly integrate and analyze data with all of the platforms and tools people use on a daily basis. No matter if you want to leverage data and produce narratives within a Tableau dashboard, via an Amazon Alexa, with social media platforms, or through in-app messaging, Wordsmith’s API can integrate with all that and more. The Wordsmith API gives you the flexibility to generate narratives in the way that makes the most sense for your business needs.

Access for All
The beauty of producing narrative with the Wordsmith API is that you have 100% control over what content you generate, when you generate it, and how to best deliver and use that content. The potential of NLG doesn’t live in a magic Black Box or in some faux “Advanced AI” system. You won’t find it there. The true power of NLG lies in the hands of humans and machines working together to deliver content that’s more insightful and empowering than what can be accomplished by either human or machine separately. A self-service NLG platform with an open API like Wordsmith completely opens up that Black Box, letting everyone become their own data expert.

Real-Time Experiences on a Massive Scale
Creating a personalized experience for consumers in any industry is one thing, but having the ability to generate narratives tailored to each and every person in a matter of milliseconds is taking content creation to a whole new level. The standard way of creating content is, “I hope a million people consume this one piece of content.” The Wordsmith API enables the inverse of that, allowing you to create a million pieces of totally unique content, specifically targeted to every individual.

Innovation and Growth
We can’t tell you how many times we’ve demonstrated the power of Wordsmith’s API and heard, “wait, that’s possible?” New ideas start to form and you can see the excitement in their eyes about all the new ways they can apply NLG to improve and expand their work. Sparking innovation can open doors for new and unseen revenue streams-just ask the Associated Press. What started off as using Wordsmith solely for automating quarterly financial earnings reports turned into generating recaps for all Triple-A, Double-A, and Class A games, covering 142 MLB-affiliated teams and thirteen leagues, or about 10,000 games per year.

What are some examples of the Wordsmith API in action?

NVIDIA and Tableau
Remember our first point about integrations? With the Tableau Extensions API and the Wordsmith API integration, NVIDIA is empowered by fully contextual explanations of their entire dashboards. How revolutionary is this integration, you ask? It was featured at the 2017 Tableau Conference keynote.

NVIDIA + Automated Insights + Tableau

Orlando Magic
NBA and NLG-quite the dynamic backcourt! The Orlando Magic use our API to generate custom in-app and email messaging to each of their fans, boosting engagement and season ticket renewals.

What if you didn’t have to manually write product descriptions for each item in your catalog? What if descriptions updated automatically as new products were added to your inventory? Sounds nice, right? That’s exactly what Build.com does with the Wordsmith API, saving time, money, and the sanity of everyone who previously had to write all of those descriptions.

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Learn more about interacting with Wordsmith programmatically to generate content using our API Docs.