1. All signs point to NLG

One thing is for sure, natural language generation has arrived and is here to stay. The days of an immature market are long past us. According to Forrester, “by the end of 2019, all enterprise BI deployments will include NLG.”1 Additionally, Gartner predicts that “by 2020, natural language generation and artificial intelligence will be a standard feature of 90% of modern BI and analytics platforms.”2

With natural language generation becoming the new standard within BI deployments, make sure to hitch your BI wagon to the right NLG provider.

2. There are nine NLG providers that matter most

In the first independent review of NLG as an industry, Forrester outlines the nine providers that matter most. We are proud to say we were named a market leader in NLG for analytics. As a market leader, see how Automated Insights stacks up to the rest of the field.

3. Here’s what an enterprise BI deployment of NLG looks like

What exactly does NLG look like for an enterprise BI deployment? If you have any doubts over how it’s integrated or how impactful it might be, please sit back, relax, and let Allstate tell your their NLG love story. Learn how a Fortune 100 company is transforming their approach to reporting, finding a way to successfully support over 10,000 sales field members, and getting the maximum value out of their Tableau dashboards.

4. There are NLG experts at every turn

With NLG becoming so pervasive throughout the enterprise, it’s clear we’ll all have to work together. That’s why we’ve created a network of the biggest and brightest stars in business intelligence to make the most impact for your NLG deployments. We’ve teamed up with system integrators and technology partners like Decisive Data, Point Focal, Genware Computer Systems, Icimo, Perficient, InterWorks, USEReady, and more. If you work with a system integrator or technology partner, there’s definitely an NLG solution waiting for you.

5. NLG reaches every industry

The beauty of NLG is the limitless possibilities and endless use cases. If you have data, there will always be the need to communicate a story from it. Look no further than Activision. This innovative video game publisher is revolutionizing the gaming industry with NLG, automatically delivering a whopping 133+ million game recaps a year to users via their gaming systems, online platforms, and the Amazon Alexa.

6. Data visualizations are more impactful with natural language

By pairing visual analysis with written analysis, you can tell a more comprehensive story about your data—a story that is easy-to-understand and actionable for every end-user. That’s why every data and analytics platform like Tableau, MicroStrategy, TIBCO, Power BI, and Qlik have placed an emphasis on integrating natural language into their stack of products. Check out Tableau’s 2019 Business Intelligence Trends—the benefits of NLG appear throughout the report.

7. Role-based NLG is where it’s at

Imagine one analyst manually supporting 10,000 individuals with custom reports about their data—each one personalized with granular and prescriptive insights about what action to take around their data. It’s impossible! But that’s where role-based NLG comes in to make it a reality. Role-based NLG allows analysts to augment their reporting and automatically surface insights that individually update for every end-user as they explore their data. All end-users have different job responsibilities, goals, and various levels of data expertise. Role-based NLG takes into account all of those factors and delivers the right insight, to the right person, at exactly the right time—automatically.

8. NLG can be self-service

Everything in our lives seems to move at a rapid pace. Data and analytics is no different. In order to keep pace, self-service tools are critical for a successful BI strategy. We believe that any approach to analytics that fails to empower self-service discovery and action will have a hard time finding its competitive edge within BI. It’s one of the many reasons why we created Wordsmith, our self-service natural language generation platform.

9. Natural language means all languages

Insight discovery should be as barrier free as possible, so we made sure our NLG platform, Wordsmith, could generate insights in any language. English, German, Japanese, Mandarin—you name it. Take a look at telecommunications leader, Macrocomm. They are enabling smarter city management by generating analysis in multiple languages—directly in TIBCO Spotfire.

10. You can test drive the future of NLG

We are always looking to get feedback from our users and people interested in natural language generation. Join the Wordsmith Beta Software Program to be the first to know when pre-release software becomes available and help guide the development of our NLG platform, Wordsmith.

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2. Gartner, Augmented Analytics Is the Future of Data and Analytics, Rita L. Sallam, Cindi Howson, Carlie J. Idoine, 27 July 2017