Self-service business intelligence (BI) is the ability of business users in an organization to independently carry out tasks instead of passing them to data scientists or IT experts for fulfillment. Not only does self-service allow individuals access to data and information anytime, anywhere, but it gives them the ability to act quickly and stay ahead of competitors. There are many benefits of self-service BI, but here are the top three reasons why you need to take a self-service approach to your BI strategy.

Offers a faster and more flexible path to insight

Self-service BI allows for complete flexibility of how analytics are developed, created, and deployed with the integration of data into existing reports or data models. Companies have the freedom to customize their tool to suit their specific industry, style, tone, and needs, including licensing options, and cloud-based or on-premise solutions. This flexibility enables any size and type of business to benefit because there aren’t limitations with branches or users and, as adoption rises, increasing server capability and users is simple to scale the entire company to be data-driven. Because self-service BI gives all the power to the user, they’re able to adapt reports depending on the viewer which provides specific insights tailored to their role, so they can independently analyze data on-demand that addresses their particular needs, even if they’re not a data expert.

Increases efficiency and frees up your technical teams

Without the pressure to perform repetitive tasks that don’t fully utilize their expertise or skill sets, your analytics and IT teams can finally breathe. With the workload of simple tasks reduced, they’re able to focus on higher-value tasks for the organization, like expanding data analysis to other areas of the company, constructing projections for future business with predictive analytics, surfacing new insights, or creating more dashboards to accurately measure the health of an organization. Modern self-service BI tools give teams and individuals the ability to instantly extract insights that previously took days or even weeks because they had to wait on a heavily tasked IT team.

Fosters a fully data-driven organization

New deployments of BI platforms and tools on an almost daily basis continue to expand the BI footprint to more people within a company. As this BI audience continues to grow, the challenges around getting the most out of your BI investment will grow in number as well. An approach to analytics that fails to empower self-service discovery and action will always hinder a company in becoming a data-driven organization. The companies that focus on self-service BI and boosting company-wide data literacy will find a competitive edge in their particular market.